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  • Got no real modeling done I decided to finally finish up my paint booth. It's been built for years...but I kept putting off the ventilation. I made the decision to drill the 4" hole in the wall and run the ductwork and fan.....wife wasn't too thrilled about the hole.....but what the hell. I'll finish the hook up tomorrow and test it out. Wasn't going to vent it...but I started to use the solvent based primers again....and my mind is still messed up from is good.....
  • Good choice on the venting. That's the principal reason I built my paint booth and the safest way to go. Phil
  • been busy doing a few repairs around the house with the good weather......spent a few hours in the shop blackening the metal details so I can get the walls glued up. adding a few tool boards on the walls.....found a few saws for the wood working area....also stared painting details on the shelf units.....put up a few pictures a new Canon EOS T7 to get some better quality photos....
  • It's progress. Love to see how it comes together. Rick
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    Got a few hours of work in.....a start on the weathering of the walls....and some work on the wood floor and the rail and ties....still need a lot of attention....but it's progress....Ok...tried to upload a few photos.....but the site seems to not let me do so.....maybe later....
  • Tried to upload like 5 photos....only these 2 would upload.....strange.....As for the floor.....some damaged areas.….the rail and ties are just lightly colored and weathered...once I place the workbenches and shelving...I will delineate the work "paths". and dirtier areas.....
  • Great progress.Rick
  • I especially like the floor.
  • Looks fantastic! Love where you are going with this.
  • Got the other 2 photos to post.....once I get some tool boards done....I plan on putting the walls together.....followed by the work benches and shelving.....also need to finish up the foam base area the structure will stand on.....
  • Man you are on a roll!...great work and an inspiration to get some work done!
  • I'm actually not spending as much time in the shop as I had been....but I get down there for a few hours each day.....I spend more time staring at the stuff.....trying to envision how I want it to look. My goal is to make it look used....but not too least this shop in this along with a structure yet to be built are important to my logging layout....the building and maintaining of the log buggies....along with the care and feeding of the gas vehicles and critters on the there will be dirt and grung….and broken boards.....but my LP like to stay warm and dry if they can....there will be a few leaks here and there......but Sven the master carpenter has plenty of wood and nails....and likes to keep things fixed....
  • I actually started to get some work done on this....and everyone decided to set their homes on fire....well...not everyone....3 different families.....everyone's safe...rescued 2 house a bit more charred than the other two.....all in a period of 8 hours.....going into the shop now to do some weathering.....
  • Looking fantastic Art, going to be a great scene once finished with this great combo of kits married to your fine modeling skills.
    Looking forward to this progress.

    I do have to give you a serious word of caution though if I may?
  • By all means Karl....
  • I had the same great idea as you when I was building my O scale loco shop, build the floor on a piece of card stock. Easier to move around and work on on the desk I thought, same as you. A 22"x18" floor would be better than a 24"x30" diorama base.

    Floor finished, detailed, hours and hours of work, time to glue it to the base, all good.
    The problem came when I started the scenery base layer a week later, base layer dirt flooded with alcohol, covered in glue, another dirt layer, all good.

    Got up the next morning and the awesome floor had more ridges, ripples and waves in it than an experienced surfer would want to tackle.
    The card stock had rippled and warped like paper and card does when it gets wet and the floor was a mess. So disqusted with this situation and unable to rectify the problem, the dio at this point sadly got shelved for a good 18 months before I went back to it.

    Thankfully I salvaged most of the situation after ALOT of work and went on to build the Locoshop….

    Be warned and good luck.
  • karl,

    Do you think using something thinner like printer paper would have helped any? I used printer paper on the floor for my woodcutter shed floor basically copying the ho scale loco floor methodology.

    Or, is it possibly a size/scale thing to do with the amount of materials involved?
  • Good thoughts Alex... yes probably paper would be better, and I'm sure as it has been used in kits before with many builds there would be no problem with that.

    I think (and I'm just guessing here) that when MY cardstock warped/wrinkled/waved... it had much more 'pushing' ability / strength to warp my floor due to its added thickness and therefor swelling and distortion than thin paper would. I certainly wouldn't worry about a paper subfloor, it's been tried and completed successfully many times. I would def do that next time if I ever build another model.

    When I read Arts comment about the card stock I was slammed back in time to my own misfortune and wanted to warn him of my experience and hopefully prevent a similar dismay for him.

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    Karl...I kind of anticipated the problem you had.....I sealed the paper with matte black Rustoleum on both sides, and further sealed it with matte sealant.....I also plan to glue it down with an epoxy....the only reason I built it not gluing it directly to the foam was so I could work the structure easier....the same as you. I'm at the point tomorrow I will attach the floor to the base. I with your forewarning plan to adhere some of the soil down before the floor, to hopefully avoid the rippling effect. I normally use a tan paint to start my "dirt", then add the Diorama Dirt.....I will proceed with caution.

    This is part of why I love this forum....we look out for each other. Karl....much Thanks for the heads up.....Check back tomorrow to see how things work
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    I hope all goes well and with your added precautions and awareness I hope you have no problems.

    As I noted previously, paper templates cause no issues,

    Its just when you mentioned 'card stock' earlier I had to advise of my own experience.

    Looking forward to the next update.
  • While trying to do some work today....I realized I am almost out of alcohol (not the drinking type)…..this could be an issue....
  • I purchased the last container of denatured alcohol from Menard's (a home center store in our area) and they have been sold out of isopropyl alcohol for some time. I plan to experiment with it in conjunction with chalk.
  • speaking of.. I'm almost out of my last bottle. I'm going to be "borrowing" it from my landscape spray bottles pretty soon :blush:

    I may go to the store tomorrow to see if I can get any.
  • Good luck with NJ....we haven't seen it in the stores in weeks now.....
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