Another work train.

Hi Guy's been working on the work train older kit for a older guy.






That is it for now have some work to do after looking at the pictures.
I destroyed a casting on the sand care brace and Brett came up with one, Thank's Boss..........Carl.........


  • Nice. Carl...have been wishing Brett would re-issue the Work Train
  • Hi Carl,
    I have this kit as a future project. Looks great to me. More pictures for future reference, please.
  • Love it. The Climax in the background isn't bad either.
  • Hi Carl,

    Great looking work train, the kit is also in my inventory as a future project.
  • Hmmm! Not bad for an old guy!! Just how old is the guy your doing this for???

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Sandy!!

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    Looks great Carl...wonderful detail work.
  • Nicely done, as I would have expected. Carl, Jerry probably skipped the beach today.
  • Greak work Carl!
  • Happy Thanksgiving to all and thank all of you for the kind words, you to Ken. .......Carl.
  • Looks great Carl! Beautifully weathered.

    have been wishing Brett would re-issue the Work Train

    Can't re-issue as the decals are no longer economically possible to make or outsource. The lettering is such an integral part of the design so unfortunately no more!
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    I understand, Brett.... I wouldn’t want anything but the best....besides, I already have more SWSM kits in the Que than I can complete anyway
  • I finished the pipe and scrap car.........Carl..........
  • Hi Carl, looking just great. Makes me want to get started on my work train kit, but I have other projects ahead of it.
  • Your "client" is going to love it!...or maybe you'll not be able to give it up...
  • You're doing a great job on these Carl. They are great kits and your work and finish on them is superb. Very nice modeling.

  • Excellent.
  • Thank's Karl Ken Ed and Bryan this has been fun so far but the decals and I are not getting along very well. The one thing where I strayed from the instructions I drill all of the holes before starting. Oh yea that CA is a pain also. Football on Sunday and may we all have a good day.
  • So this is what you do when it snows in Vermont!!
    If that's the case you should be all done and ready for your next adventure.

    Great work!! Talk to you soon! Diane says hi!

  • Carl, I continue to admire your work. Very nice. Phil
  • Hi Jerry yes we can talk soon. To busy playing in the snow something the sand.
    Phil. Thank You for the kind words and I admire your work as well. ...........Carl...........
  • Hi Carl,
    Fantastic build! I really like the engine. Is it Kitbashed or something else? Thanks for the help again on the coloring on the FSM kit I was having trouble with. It is about done 6-8 months later. Can't wait to start on Railroad Camp and someday the work train.
  • Question for ya all, was the complete work train ever available in O scale? I have been able to find the pipe and scrap car and the blacksmith car on fleabay but have not seen any of the others.
  • Those were the only two released. They were all planned. Hopefully some day, Brett does them.

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    I released the Blacksmith, Pipe and Scrap, Water, Sand, Gravel, and Flat car with load over the years and that was the complete set as planned in O Scale. There were a few I made in HO that I never planned to release. They are sold out and I have no plans to rerun any but hey, you never know!
  • Brett,

    I completely forgot that you did these. You even did that special commemorative set back in 2010. I also forgot about the wooden disconnects. The memory is the first to go!!!

  • i wish i hadn't come to the swswm party so late. i missed out on alot of cool stuff.
  • Me as well, Kelvin....I’m trying to catch up but can’t get all the great kits from days past ;-((
  • Here are a few more of the work train.



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