Got Snow?

Just a small Vermont Mushroom.




  • Just a dusting.
  • looks like it came off the HR Puffinstuff set... magic shrooms for sure.
  • When is it going to start snowing there??

    Brett that would be enough for the whole forum then some. Just saying!!

  • Carl, that pile is a lot of shoveling my friend :wink:

  • Bill, The Newfs did most of the shoveling.
  • that's why i bought a snowblower. we have a foot on the ground with more coming. i hate this crap.
  • We haven't even had winter yet..... I think it rained once..... one or two days it "might" have dipped into the 50s. It's been unseasonably warm.
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    Have been in Chicago the last week or so...heading back to Florida where the state constitution bans that stuff...usually
  • i'm about an hour due north of chicago and i wish to hell that was a state law here.....
  • I live for snow! Just got back from Munising Michigan where there was over 4 feet.
    Woo hoo!


  • All right Bill.
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    94 degrees F humidity 90% plus and rains most days here in Eastern Australia, can’t wait for winter
  • Bill Tractor handles it. ...............Carl
  • due to whacky weather, we have no snow on the ground right now and its supposed to be in the mid fifties today.
  • Whacky, an interesting choice of word.
  • the only one sfw i could come up with
  • We are having a dusting for the last two days.................Carl
  • That Vermont mushroom is almost gone. ................Carl
  • One more. Robert it may be a while before I get to take any pictures outside. .......Carl
  • I thought you said you had a dusting!!!!

  • Hey guys. I had 63 years of shoveling snow and driving on black ice back in the Chicago area. Retired to the Tucson area about 11 years ago. Here the snow knows where it is supposed to reside... in the mountains. Got a few feet up in the Catalina Mountains perfect for skiers while golfers swing away all day basking in the sun. LOL

    Sunrise 3.14.2018 (PI Day)

    Sunrise 3.14.18 1.r.2
  • Beautiful. Check out the deck work at Carl's pad. First class.
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    One more. Robert it may be a while before I get to take any pictures outside. .......Carl

    Carl that's a really realistic model. What did you use to make the snow??


  • Jerry, If you got your butt up there to help him with the shoveling, you would know the answer to your question.
  • Gold Medal Flower.
  • Wow Carl. Thats a serious pile of snow you got there.

    No snow here. Just warm windless days and beautiful evenings lately.

    Walking home from the restauarnt last night.
    home 1

    The view after my surf on tuesday.

    home 2
  • Wes. My Daughters live in San Diego and Vista Ca they rub it in all of the time. ........Carl
  • Two handsome gentlemen in Carl's thingy.
  • Carl, I was born just south of San Diego and lived there for 13 years before moving to a farm in Oregon. I can remember the wonderful weather there. Never raining hardly at all. Nothing like your Vermont weather. Enjoy the snow.

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