2017 Narrow Gauge Convention

Who is going to the Narrow Gauge Convention in Denver at the end of the month besides myself?


  • I had planned on going, but I am needed elsewhere.
    Alan is going for sure.
  • Yep, I'll be there...only a 14 hour drive...geesh.
  • Will you be traveling in high style or just style. High style, you can make it in half the time. Providing you have a good radar. Not the one from Mash. Though he was a good predictor.
    I used to drive from Tampa to West Jefferson, N.C. in 13 hours. Load the Sprinter and drive back an other 13 hours, and go right to work. This younger generation.
  • Yeah, no Radar Detector for me. And I plan to stop at about 3 different Cracker Barrels...
  • Buy a Cheerwine if they sell them.
  • Talking about driving, We have a 2 day drive from Tucson.
  • 2 days?...its only 13 hours. You can do it in one day...use the saved hotel money to buy more stuff at the show...and maybe get Ed something too..
  • Alan, Thank you for thinking of me. I got everything I need. What I do want, is for you guys to have a great time, and get to know each other better.
  • Very cool sentiments Ed. Be safe, be inspired, and have fun guys.

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    I can only take so many hours of driving in a day, and my wife will not drive. She tells me she has a headache when its time to switch drivers. I am retired anyway, so have lots of time.
  • The old headache trick. That it slow, the tortoise always wins.
  • I will be there for the full 4 days. I'll have a table in the vendors room. I will be painting O scale figures this year. I used to paint landscapes at the shows but I am more interested in figures this year. I will be using Vallejo and Americana acrylics. Darryl Huffman
  • Don't miss this. Darryl is not only a great modeler, but a great person. Darryl, I am so happy to hear that your health will allow you to attend. I will be at Best Friends in Utah for who knows how long. Video forthcoming.
  • Ed, Denver is on the way to Utah. Stop on your way.
  • It's tempting. I will be at Best Friends before the show starts. I hope to bring back a Dogo Argentino for a dear friend. She lost her dog a month ago. I also will be helping out at the sanctuary. She is now in Ireland with friends.
  • I finally broke down and bought one of those electric scooters like you see in grocery stores. I went to O Scale West earlier this summer and did fine. I'm glad to be able to attend this year and I am making plans for the convention in Sacramento in two years. See you all there.
  • Darryl,

    I am also going to be there for 4 days. I will look for you in the vendors room.
  • my wife Grayce and I are looking forward to the show
  • Alan, Carl and Darryl, we will have meet at the convention
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