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I need help finding a source I saw once - it was a gentleman from Oregon (I think) who sold various forest floor scenery materials. Various grades and types. Just can't remember his name.



  • Hey Brett I don't know if this helps this guy is in NY.

  • thanks Jerry, I'll check it out!
  • The Driftwood scenery Co. I can not find the sales slip but they have great items.
  • Thanks Carl - not sure he was the guy I'm thinking of, hope not since they are gone! bummer...
  • I'm sure you are hip to the Adirondack Dark Blend from Scenic Express.
  • engine909 said:

    I'm sure you are hip to the Adirondack Dark Blend from Scenic Express.

    sounds like a pipe baccy name! I'll check it out.

    I'm thinking of some guy who used to go into the woods and collect various barks etc... and grind and mix and sell... He had a peculiar name...

    I had an awesome collection of various barks and such collected and given to me over the years that I would grind up and use - but since my move a few years ago I can't find it... Guess it got thrown or left. Really bummed about that!
  • Maybe you smoked it!
    Scenic Express is a nice site.
  • Are you thinking of Pete Vassler from Canyon Creek Scenics? He's known for his trees, but he sells other stuff: logs, stumps, and forest debris.
  • Bill, I think that is the dude. His creations are outstanding.
  • Pete's stuff is wonderful for sure but not him... It may have been the driftwood company but I recall it was a name like "Doctor Driftwood" or something.

    Thanks for all the great input!!!
    engine909 said:

    Maybe you smoked it!

    Uhmmmm, I can't remember????

  • Maybe Timberline Scenery. Also nice stuff. We will get the bottom of this.

    Or as Michael Jordon said "The ceiling is the roof". What was he smoking?
  • There was a company in Wyoming - Sweetwater Scenery. Great stuff but their website is down so I think they are closed. Used to get all my Sagebrush and ground cover from them.
  • Thanks Joel, not sweetwater. I used their products for many years then the owner passed away and his wife and daughter took over. This was many years ago.
  • This is like trying to hug a cloud. I don't know what the hell that means. I heard an announcer say it during the PGA event yesterday at Palm Harbor, Florida. I have a warehouse there. Now I'm just rambling.

    Bike riding time. Excuse me.
  • /\ /\ I was gonna say the EXACT same thing!
  • I need some help here. Is Bill serious.
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    No! Lol
    I read it a couple times and still wasn't following. Just me being goofy!
  • I'm now at season five of Shameless were Jimmy comes back. I know Brett loves this show, are there others.

    Oh yea, goofy now and than is a good thing! My dear wife Barbara pronounces constantly to my dog Satchel, that I'm goofy most of the time. In this case hardly a compliment.

    Speaking of goofy, I don't think it is cool to sleep inside a horse.

    Like it or not, I will be back for more tomorrow.

    Good night.

  • Ed Stop eating the Pretzels there is something in them. Carl
  • Never. Satchel and I love them. Have you finished the ones I sent you? Brett and family polished off the Boots sodas I sent him. I may have to replenish both of you. Well not you guys personally, but the sodas and pretzels. I don't have the ability to do the former.

    Bill, you are better off not trying to figure any of that out.
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    Brett, this fellow has great trees, tree kits and other forest floor products.
    His tree branch material is great. Might be him???

    Missed this thread while I was laid up.

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