O'Neills Fabrication in O Scale

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Brett, This looks like it will be a very interesting addition to the Deer Creek district and without a doubt will be another winner.

I REALLY hope you change your "may" to "will" and bring it out in HO scale as well in the not too distant future! After all, fabrication, welding and machining are all critical to maintaining the Deer Creek Land and Timber Company's assets in good working order!


  • It will almost certainly probably maybe for sure make its way to ho scale...
  • Kit reserved. Cant wait for this one.
  • So does this mean I get to buy a second set of machine shop tools? one for the Loco and service shop and one for here? Not complaining as I love those details, just need to know if I have to order it?
    I'm very excited about this kit.
  • It will almost certainly probably maybe for sure make its way to ho scale...
    You talk funny sometimes!!!

    That's like saying it will probably, maybe snow at the EXPO in March!!!

    Besides that a great gesture and a fine looking kit.


  • If you do it in HO how would it relate to the Foundry and Machine Shop currently mentioned in the list of future releases in the HO Deer Creek Land & Timber Company?
  • O'Neills is in the early phase of a kits life cycle so I am going to refrain from answering any specific questions. I will post that information when I am confident it will "stick" on my website. I enjoy sharing information about my future plans!
  • Brett, sharing info and judging response isn't a bad marketing tool, is it . . .
  • Are there any pictures of the pilot that are fit for posting?
  • Once it's all finished I will post my usual set of pics. I am really happy with the upscaled version. Pretty faithful to its HO Scale counterpart with a few fun additional twists...
  • The video of the HO scale O'Neill's model was very well done and a tremendous teaser for the O scale version. As has been said before, I can't wait to see the O scale version on my door step. Please keep the video tutorials coming as well. I'm going to use your brush and weathering recommendations on my current set of castings as soon as my set of SierraWest/Reaper Miniatures paint set arrives.
    Steve F
  • Brett,

    Any updates on the O scale O'Neills? Looking forward to seeing pics of the completed diorama.

  • Hi Frank! Looks like August to have a completed pilot model and begin production... getting so close. Looks awesome, so many wonderful new details!
  • Brett,

    I am looking forward to seeing it and getting my kit!!!!

  • Wow, Brett! I was already excited about the structure itself and now you're teasing us with new details as well! Can't wait for August. In the mean time, we can all enjoy following the excellent HO build by Ken and the bonus builds of Mike and Alan. And maybe we can see a teaser photo soon?!?
  • Brett,
    Count me in...this would be a great way to purchase that type of kit.
  • Great Brett, there is already a place for it on my layout. Looking forward to seeing the pilot.
  • O Scale O'Neills arrived yesterday. Beautiful kit, can't wait to get started on it!
  • Hey Brett, would it be possible for you to sketch out a rough diagram for the O'Neills diorama incorporating all 3 structures? Similar to what you did for the sawmill way back when. Doesn't need to be exact, but something reasonably close for planning purposes.
  • not possible... too many variables still and making a map takes the creative process out of the equation for me this early. Things are taking shape however.... maybe once I am farther along in the design process...
  • WesWes
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    Holy smokes. I got the email bout the release of part 2 of this kit yesterday.

    If Picasso or Michelangelo was an o scale kit maker, they wouldn't even come close to this work of art. Cant wait till it arrives here and I get to see those wonderful castings first hand.

    Well done Brett. And wonderful work on weathering the boilers Ken.
  • Wes, thank you for the crazy compliment!
  • Part the Second ordered. I've put off building for a bit because we are soon moving to a much larger train room, ooops, I mean house. Now some of my builds will be visible from all four sides. And my wife supports this great hobby as well. She books all the train excursions and is looking forward to Denver and the narrow gauge convention.
  • Home Run Brett on Part 2! Beautuful diorama, which we all knew was coming from what Part 1 looked like!, and such a great background story for O' gels perfectly.
  • Ken, Great for us O scale dudes. I will not tolerate any jealousy.
  • Once again, the bar has been raised!
    I've been browsing over the new pictures and I'm seeing lots of impressive and new castings and detail parts. THIS scene is simply outstanding:


    If I'm not mistaken, virtually all the components are individual. That's been one of my favorite advancements Brett has made-- it allows us to recreate the scene as described and pictured in the manual. Or, you have unlimited freedom to run wild and personalize the scene based on each modeler's vision and creativity.

    There's a real feel of organized chaos. "Stuff" is all over the place but scattered about with logic. The area around the loading dock and the interior are perfect examples.

    One more thing (and this is very simple, but so necessary in my mind): thank you THANK YOU for including printed labels to go along with the gauges on the acetylene tanks!! No more white paint blobs with a fat drawn on indicator needle!

    Well done!
    Here's to you, Kevin!!

  • Well stated Bill.
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    Are any of you great artists going to do a build thread on O'Neills O scale? I won't be able to because you'd be waiting years fo me to finish it. Bill, you hit it right on the head, Brett's castings are second to none. The thing I want to add is that he doesn't just create a kit, he designs them with a story behind it that can be added to with future kits.
  • Thanks for the very kind response everyone! I truly appreciate it.

    Bill, that picture of Kevin O'Neill is one of my favorites. It was taken at the Lancaster structure show - 2012? So what exactly does Kevin have in his hand? Bill brought his Twin Mills diorama to the show where he won best of show and about a million other awards but... Kevin immediately zeroed in on a log in the pond with a huge splash coming off one side as it was "dropping" into the pond from the unloading platform. Kevin grabbed the log and did his best harpo marks impression and well there you go!
  • Great looking kit. Can't wait to get some free time to get started.
  • David_C said:

    The thing I want to add is that he doesn't just create a kit, he designs them with a story behind it that can be added to with future kits.

    Thanks David... I love telling stories!!!! Appreciate the comment very much

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