The Sawmill Project kit #308



  • This is LED used. It's the 2x3mm incandescent.
  • Bryan: Fantastic job and thanks for all your tutorials which will come in handy when I construct my kit (soon I hope).....Joe CCCModOn30
  • Bryan,

    Thanks. I bought just about everything Ngineering has. I'll check my inventory when I reach that part of the build.

  • Fantastic shots. All that wiring and lighting is really paying dividends. I love the last shot where we see the guy snoozing in the corner. Looks like it was a long tough day at the mill....
  • Bryan,
    Just catching up with this thread. I've been trying to find a new project to get excited about and it's nice to see someone get out of a modelling funk and do spectacular work. Amazing. An incredible model built to perfection. Thanks for sharing. Dare I ask what's next?
  • Joe and John, I'm looking forward to your builds.

    James, it certainly was a long day at the mill.

    Joel, thanks. I've been working on a couple of small projects. A water tank for the boiler here. I'm also in the finishing stages of a sled for a Willamette loader for my logging area. Just some things to keep me occupied while I think more about the landscaping around the mill.
  • I wish someone had a photo of the smile on my face as I arrived home to find a package by my front sent by I rushed in the house and hastily opened it...I realized that the Postal Service so far has only brought me the main box...can't wait till Monday for the second box....this is normal in Jersey....It was like Christmas opening the box and perusing all the goodies, templates and manual. I have plans to start the build process during the week. I plan to have a mill pond, so I am going to have to figure that in on that end of the mill, but the modifications look to be minimal, mainly the roof area over the log ramp. I for sure will be referencing Bryans outstanding photos and advice, and I will be sure to document and share the addition of the mill pond. I have already finished most of the machinery, having purchased it all several years back, which lead me to wanting to add the mill pond. Brett...all I can say is the kit looks out this world as usual. The mill is going to be the focal point of a large module system that will be removable from the main layout. Several other SW kits will round out the complex....and yes....I will post the pictures....maybe it might show up in Scranton if all goes well....
  • Looking forward to your pictures and your start on the sawmill.
  • While waiting on my second box of strip wood and such....I am going to start on the resin and metal detail parts.....since this has been well covered......I'll just post a few pictures of the finished product. I've had time to study the templates.....and I think I have figured out how I plan to approach the use of the inclined log haulway and mill pond....I will post those pictures once I get that far....
  • Hi: I'm looking forward to your build, especially your log haul and mill pond. I'm building 2- On30 modules depicting a logging complex and I have to do the same thing. I should be starting the sawmill structure shortly.....Joe CCCModOn30
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    Joe...from what I have looked at....the inclined ramp will fit right into the space the log roll way is to occupy...with just a slight extension of the carriage way. Then there is the modification of the roof line over that area....I'll post pictures and drawings once I get to that point...
  • Wow Bryan. I'm finally back on the forum but have been following your sawmill build. You are an incredible modeller and I can only hope to build my sawmill with a fraction of your workmanship. I love your characters, they are priceless. I have a lot of grain of rice bulbs but after meeting the fellow from Ngineering at our local show in Chilliwack and seeing what you have done, I might try my hand at using his LEDs. Fantastic work Bryan.
  • Bryan,

    We need a picture update from you - please . . .

  • Sorry I missed these.

    Thank you David. Try the LED's you will love them...after you curse them while wiring.

    John, I really haven't done much on this. I'm waiting on the loader to finish the scene. I have been tinkering here and there will some added details like the vines growing up this post and adding a boxcar auxiliary storage shed. The fire fighting tank car will serve double purpose as water for the boiler and emergency services should they be needed.

    The vines are juniper roots.imageimage
  • Nice detail Bryan, everything looks really good.
  • again- inspirational work. Love the vines- and is that a small "hit and miss" on top of the red car? I know you've shown it before but I really like the boiler and all the drums and clutter you've put in the scene.
  • Thanks James. Yes that is a hit and miss on top of the red car. You can rely on gravity to fight a fire.
  • Hi Bryan: I'm reviewing your roof sections for guidance and ran across the hoist out front again. I love it; care to share who makes that little beauty? Thanks, Joe CCCModOn30
  • Thanks Joe. It's a scratch build. The base plate and hook came from a kit that I didn't really care for after I got it. It was a pillar crane on a brick base though I can't quite remember who made it. The rest is just wood and extra parts from this kit and maybe some others. Styrene and NBW for the fishplate. I thought it looked right at home there. I can try to take a better shot if you like.
  • Thanks Bryan, you did a beautiful job scratch building that crane. No additional photo needed at this time....Joe CCCModOn30
  • Bryan,
    Yesterday, I went through your entire build. I had enforced down time waiting for a friend who I had driven to San Francisco for out patient surgery. This is a magnificent build with so many good tutorials and so much eye candy. I enjoyed, and profited from, reviewing your lighting thought processes and final implementation. Such an outstanding addition. And, of course, the figures! When I see everything you have accomplished, I wonder if I should be an O scale builder. Thanks for looking in on my SW build.

    David U
  • Thanks Joe and David. The lights proved to be quite a challenge but well worth it in the end.

    And yes, you should be an O scale builder. I say that in slight jest due to "scale pride". I was happy doing N scale until I put about 2,000 NBW in a trestle and then realized--hey there are fewer NBW in O scale. Or is it that I just don't have enough room for an O scale trestle that will take 2,000 NBW?

    And Tony, if you read this, I needed professional help at that point.
  • You may ask why I brought a 7 year old thread to the present.....two reasons, first its a great thread with a lot of great information that might benefit others as it has me. Second I have a question for Bryan. In the photos of the sawmill interior you've spread sawdust around the Mill interior and specifically on top of and around the machinery (Edger) did you spread the sawdust and more importantly how did you make it adhere?....solution of glue/water from a spray bottle?


  • Excellent question Terry, and agreed, this is a great thread. Glad you brought her back for us to enjoy!
  • I think the general tendency is to read, enjoy and learn from the current and immediate thread comments which I do on a daily basis. However, I also take the old threads, combine the many pages of the thread into a single file and then read at my leisure on my kindle.
    A wealth of knowledge which has been shared over the years
  • Thanks Terry. The sawdust was a fun challenge to tackle and was the result of a few experiments. What won out in the end follows:

    Start by taking an ample supply of sawdust created when brushing the will have plenty. Mix in an appropriate colored pigment to color the sawdust. I used AK North Africa Dust. This mixture is the larger bits of sawdust that accumulates on the floor. The pigment alone is the sawdust that accumulated on the machinery. By mixing the sawdust and pigment, both are the same color. I made a small scoop to apply the pigment by taking a copper wire (about 1 mm) and hammering one end flat to make a "shovel". Place the pigment on the machines, let it pile up and fall off just like it would in real life.

    To fix both mixtures I used AK Gravel and Sand Fixer applied gently with a pipette. I found that the Fixer changed (very slightly) the color tone on the wood so I applied the fixer to the entire floor. It dries clear and matte, but do not apply to a wet surface as you will get white clumps form.
  • Thanks buddy, great info
  • wow, i don't know how i missed this thread. what a fabulous looking model. hard as i try, i can't find a way to make room for this, but i sure would love to try building it.
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