The Sawmill Project kit #308



  • Brilliant Bryan. Looks fantastic.

    Nice to see another bonsai grower around the train forums. Id love to see some pictures of your trees.
  • Just keeps getting better and better! Love the winch too. I presume the crackle paint is something one could find at the usual craft stores?
  • Bryan.....amazing work......just returned from the Narrow Gauge Convention....picking up lots of figures....went nuts looking for the figure that you have by the steam engine and boiler...the one looking befuddled holding his hat.....I forgot who makes him...can you clue me for the metal flashing....take a look in the craft stores for the really thin silver foil....if you blacken looks as close to lead or tin flashing as you can get.....they also have copper if you are so for tar sealant....coarse pastel chalk mixed with some gloss black oil paint works I can't wait to get my mill and start the build....
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    Ken, I think the only drawback to this material for a weld bead is it's lack of stickiness. You kind of have to work it into the joint where it is being applied which would be difficult on the size of a weld bead. The lack of stickiness, however is a benefit for trial and error.

    Wes I'll take some fresh photos of the trees. I haven't taken any this season. My personal favorites are boxwoods, azaleas and junipers. I have a couple of buxux koreanas and karume azaleas that were in a garden for 30 years or so and I have been working on them for close to 15 that are taking shape nicely.

    James, I got the crackle paint from Michaels a couple of years ago. I tried to get some more when I saw that my white was solid but they didn't have it anymore. I do see it online though.

    Muddy, I got the figure here:

    I like these Phoenix figures but have not found a US supplier.

    The metal flashing was made with painted card stock. And I had a lot of fun coming up with the crane. I had it in mind from the beginning but wasn't sure how it would come together until I had the rafters on. I can't wait to see you get started on the kit. Brett said it was a quick build because it doest have walls but I'm not convinced. I'm 4 months in-5 if you count the machinery-and have another month or so to go. Then comes the log unloader...
  • I got a just enough greenery added to add a little life and I'm starting to thing about the next stage of construction. Everyone has had some good input and ideas to add so I'm asking again for thoughts on the back of the mill.

    For perspective, in the view from the front of the mill the area to the top far left on the diorama will be the log unloader. The area behind the diorama is about 2 feet of nothing that I am leaving open for other sawmill auxiliary buildings. I'm focusing on the right side of the dio on the other side of the tracks.

    I've been thinking about what to put there and here you see a temporarily placed boxcar that could be set on blocks as extra warehouse space. Other ideas I have had are

    A big junk pile to include railroad ties, pallets, cable spools, etc.

    Empty space with a couple of tree trunks.

    A small repair shed.

    A Dolbeer donkey.

    I'm keeping in mind that right up to the edge of the dio will be other structures that will need to tie into the sawmill and the log unloader will be behind whatever is placed here and I want a good view of it from the front and both sides.

    I'm leaning towards the donkey and placing a repair shed next to it-on the layout but not on this dio. I was initially convinced about the boxcar shed but like to explore options. So have at it.
  • The mill looks incredible Bryan, just a superb job all around, beautifully done indeed.

    I'm thinking about the space...

  • Wonderful Bryan.

    I too will have a think about the space.
  • just wonderful - fantastic job Bryan.
  • Bryan,

    This really sweet!

    You may consider for your junk pike stuff the sawmill would have use and was broken. I.e. Some of the stuff you built for the inside.

  • Oh boy Bryan, it is looking fantastic!
  • Bryan, very nice

  • Thanks all. Yes Marty I think something like machinery parts would work in a junk pile. I't going to need to be fairly big. I'm still thinking that the donkey would look good as a center piece.

    I'm building some pallets and cable spools now.
  • Bryan, great work here, very nicely done! I would keep the view into the sawmill as unobstructed as is reasonable so I vote for a light junk/clutter area with some low weeds, etc. hiding some rusty metal and some aged wood items here and there. Love the old rusted barrel...great job on that piece! Ken
  • The boxcar storage along with the small debris pile i thing would work great.....a good place to add texture and rust......the rusty machinery and maybe some aged wood items would so the job....
  • Thanks guys for the ideas. I think I'm going to just start adding some general clutter like wood/metal castings and wait and see what's going to go behind it before I do anything major. Then I can tie the 2 areas together.

    Test fitting in the layout. I need to add on to my track lighting to get the front of the mill. These 2 pics show the 2 angles that it can be seen at up close. It's right out on the end of a mini peninsula.

    I think I will get a couple more outdoors shots this weekend then wire it up and finish the detailing in place.

  • The placement is perfect Bryan, all four sides are visible for major and optimum viewing, great planning. This layout is going to be a high point in modeling and if you choose it will be extensively covered in the publications. Terrific work/modeling.

  • Absolutely awesome right down to the grass and rusty drum! And the layout looks amazing too. Great work and a great thread!
  • Bryan, beautiful and love that last shot with the sweet builds in the background..great stuff...Ken
  • Thanks Karl for the vote of confidence. James and Ken, after I get this installed my next task will be to clean off the layout. It has been collecting all kinds of junk from 2 consecutive builds. I have been detailing it to the level of a SW diorama. It takes a long time but it sure is worth it. I'll also get a couple of photos with the interior lights turned on.

    I did get it outside this weekend. I'd say the structure is complete. I've got some work to do on the groundwork but it is coming along nicely. Once I figure out what is going in behind the mill I will have a better idea on how to proceed.

  • I forgot to include the removable roof section.image
  • And then I made it the wrong size...sorryimage
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    Its hard for me to describe how great the sawmill looks. There is so much detail, and realistic details, that it would take me a week to find it all. To me that is measure of a true craftsman. Which kit is next on the workbench?

  • Bryan you have done an amazing job. Id be very proud of that effort.

    Looking forward to seeing this beauty installed.
  • Thanks Marty. Next for me is to clean up the layout and really think about what should come next. I know there will be some annex buildings for the mill behind it. I also want a backwoods engine shed/machine shop. And would like to shoehorn a donkey repair yard in there as well. I'd really like to get back to work on my logging area...finish a couple of logging engines and rig up a spar tree.

    Thans Wes. It has been a satisfying build.

    I got it installed in the layout and wired it up. The section of track is pulling double duty as my programming track.

  • All I can say is....WOW......outstanding work on your part......outstanding quality and forethought by Brett.......I can't wait for my kit to arrive so I can get started.....Thanks for all of your posts Bryan....I know I will reference them once I get my kit on the workbench......WOW
  • Bryan,

    The project is outstanding in every detail. The extra effort to put in the lighting really paid off. Very nice job.


  • Well done my good man! The removable roof worked out well for you. What a terrific piece Bryan. Night shots look fantastic as well...feels good doesn't it...almost done. You should be as proud as Wes....well maybe not that proud but close!:) Ken
  • I'll say it again Bryan, incredible job. There can never be enough pictures to show this off completely, amazing kit, fantastic build. Beautiful says it all.


  • Love the night shots!
  • Bryan, that is fantastic! Could you please comment on the color and size of the LED's? I like the effect. I want to do that for my "in the open" lighting. But of course the overall work is really great . . .
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