SierraWest O scale Sawmill Project ..... Kit 308



  • Thank you all for the encouragement, it is very appreciated.
    After my Wood Cutters Shack is finished the sawmill is on a short list of three to finish next. I haven't decided the order yet. All in 'O'
    Sawmill is 70% done
    Bluesky is 50% done
    LocoShop is 50% done
    Currently the sawmill is favorite.

  • Has there been any progress? Since I'm in the saw mill business now, I'm extra interested.
  • No, no progress yet eric. I'll be working on some smaller projects before I do any big ones.
  • Karl,
    Love following along while you share your amazing builds. One thing you missed in this build when opening the resin casting box was the unmistakable aroma of the resin castings. It is a distinctive smell and all part of the Sierra West experience! :-) I confess I am a casting junkie, and Sierra West castings are by far the best!
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    Tom.....I bet you used to like the ‘aroma’ of Floquil paint as well ;-))
  • Terry, I miss that! But nothing beats the smell of opening a box of SW resin castings!
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    Thanks so much for your kind words Tom , it’s so great to hear/read that people enjoy my threads and get something from them.

    Unfortunately Tom when you’re around that resin smell 24/7 for a long period of time your nose becomes immune to how wonderful it is. Lol.

    However, fortunately the eyes never become immune to how amazing, crisp, clean and perfect they are.
    Indeed the best by far you will ever get, and the most plentiful.

    Karl. A
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