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  • Thank you all for the encouragement, it is very appreciated.
    After my Wood Cutters Shack is finished the sawmill is on a short list of three to finish next. I haven't decided the order yet. All in 'O'
    Sawmill is 70% done
    Bluesky is 50% done
    LocoShop is 50% done
    Currently the sawmill is favorite.

  • Has there been any progress? Since I'm in the saw mill business now, I'm extra interested.
  • No, no progress yet eric. I'll be working on some smaller projects before I do any big ones.
  • Karl,
    Love following along while you share your amazing builds. One thing you missed in this build when opening the resin casting box was the unmistakable aroma of the resin castings. It is a distinctive smell and all part of the Sierra West experience! :-) I confess I am a casting junkie, and Sierra West castings are by far the best!
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    Tom.....I bet you used to like the ‘aroma’ of Floquil paint as well ;-))
  • Terry, I miss that! But nothing beats the smell of opening a box of SW resin castings!
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    Thanks so much for your kind words Tom , it’s so great to hear/read that people enjoy my threads and get something from them.

    Unfortunately Tom when you’re around that resin smell 24/7 for a long period of time your nose becomes immune to how wonderful it is. Lol.

    However, fortunately the eyes never become immune to how amazing, crisp, clean and perfect they are.
    Indeed the best by far you will ever get, and the most plentiful.

    Karl. A
  • Would love to build this kit but almost $1k to purchase all Parts 1,2,3...maybe some day when I collect enough plastic bottles and
    Great work Karl as always!!
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    Thanks Pappy, this is definitely the most incredible sawmill kit that has ever been offered to the modeling community.
    I'll be getting back to it later this year to finish it off. Quite a few other smaller builds first though.

    Every modeller I've spoken to who has built this monumental kit, (or just bought this kit and looked in the boxes) has said the contents of the boxes far exceeded their expectations.

    I look forward to your comments when I get back to posting progress in a few months and hope you enjoy seeing what I do with this masterpiece.
  • you must model 8 to 10 hours a day to get as much done as you Brett paying you buy the hour.
  • Agreed. A great build. Would love to do it again some time.
  • Truth be told, I searched a long time for a sawmill. I kept coming back to this model, as it is the very best available. This was my introduction to Sierra West. I dont yet have the kit, but that is ok. Brett is smart to start me off with some "less challenging" kits.
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    Nice story Emery...same thing with Ho/HOn3...Brett’s iconic Deer Creek Sawmill is without question the finest 1:87 scale sawmill of all time!
  • maybe after we close on our refi.....
  • The O scale Sawmill Project, like I said before, The Mother of all Kits.... It gave me a year of modeling fun.
  • A year of modeling fun! We had a great time watching your efforts as well...
  • That’s for sure Brett...what a treat it was to see Roberts stellar build of your wonderful Kit...
  • That's an amazing kit and build.
  • I still have pictures of it on my Mac desktop!
  • Well worth every penny. !!!
  • Another "old" thread I've been reviewing. I'm building a "Brand X" sawmill with "Brand X" interior equipment as a tune-up to building Brett's O Scale sawmill which I have on order and anxiously await.
    As far as this HO modeler 'going over to the dark side', there is no "dark side" for me. Until I get an HO layout up and running, I find enjoyment and relaxation merely in modeling regardless of the scale
  • KKarns said:

    Hey Karl, The wizard at the subdued green color you're working with even without final weathering it looks fantastic. Machinery design and fabrication is unreal...Noticed your parts bins with the SierraWest labels...sweet! Ken

    Great work Karl. I to love the green color. Can you name the brand and color? Or is it a custom mix. I have all the original CHB machinery and some day want to build a machine shop and like that color. Thanks Randy
  • Thanks Randy,
    The green is "Christmas Green" by Ceramcoat .... Craft paint.
  • Karl, I'm impressed that you remember that color or that you take great notes. I can't remember what I did yesterday.
    The sawmill is fantastic. Maybe this should be my next project.
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    Thanks so much Jim,

    It's an amazing kit and incredible fun to build.
    This is due not only to the quality of everything Brett does with design, castings and components in the box, but also the way the build is structured and described in the amazing manual, guiding ANY modeler to easily build this kit through the layers of construction.
    Get it now if you haven't already !!

    I wish I was impressive, but, I have to admit that the green is still on my desk and is still my standard colour when painting machinery or castings, so, no memory needed... :smiley:
  • and Karl should not be modest. We designed this kit together and built the pilot model together. It is as much his "project" as mine.
  • Again Karl beautiful model work. I want to also think you for posting the pictures with the clothes pens clamps. I needed to see them in order to make them. Did eight in about ten minutes. Thanks, Randy
  • Karl, I do have the sawmill. I just need to decide if I want to tackle that big project now or maybe an easier/smaller one after my O'neill's. Decisions, decisions.
  • Begin when you feel ready for it. It is a huge building project and you have to keep your head with it. I enjoyed looking in the box , taking everything in it out , admiring it, putting it back on the shelf, reading the manual, reading it again, and again for months.

    Just knowing I had this wonderful kit within reach, that it was mine, gave me already satisfaction. So when you're over this mental phase of preparation, attack the build.
    And know that this forum is as useful as the manual. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
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