Why did I start a Forum?

You might ask why this forum was started? I ask myself that very question but... This forum is a place for SierraWest customers to share and learn from one another. We share similar modeling goals and ideas, I just thought it would be great to have a place we can interact. I have always wanted to have a formal online university where the best meet and teach one-another the techniques and tools of the trade. I believe a forum is a the best way way to achieve this goal. But... you must participate. Post your builds and ask for help. Karl Allison is our moderator and no one is better suited to handle the job. Karl and I will be around here much of the time and I have lined up some of the best modelers in our wonderful hobby to be guest moderators as well. So join, share, weather, cut, glue, and paint!


  • Brett

    I think it's a great idea. And hopefully it will lead to better modeling and technique's.

  • Thanks Jerry.... I have some great ideas and hope Karl and I can implement them.
  • Brett, congratulations and good luck with your new forum.
    You must be bored or have gone completely crazy to start a forum.
    Hey, where are the smiley's?
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    Thanks Rick... not crazy (and wishing I had even ten minutes to be bored) - just wanting to communicate more efficiently with my customers. Oh yeah, Karl and I banned smiley's.... Thanks for joining!
  • Hey Brett

    This seems a good way to communicate with guys who are interested in your kits. Or anything there building.
    Looks like there won't be a 1000 looks good. But more to how you doing and how did you do it.

    Just hope this works out and we all have fun doing what we like most, just modeling.

  • right on target jerry...
  • So you banned smileys, eh? :^/
  • Well, more accurately the non inclusion of emoticons Mike,

    Obviously we can all still type the text versions, like back in the old days of "net communucation" before the graphical versions were introduced.

    Hopefully the site will be more focused on modeling and constructive posts rather than "smiley faces" and cute graphics.

  • I really love the whole idea of this forum. getting too chat with Brett on a dialy basis and hear what is new and how he goes about doing things is super cool.

    I would love to see some pictures of where all the magic happens.
  • the casting and sorting room is located in the third spire on the right. That's Karl there in the center pointing at Cindy.... Just watch out for Malificient...
  • Well Wes, in honesty I did manage to get a couple of 'snaps' when I was lucky enough to be there earlier this year.

    Here is a picture of Kevin O, tucked away in the casting room, working his magic and painting castings for the Blue Sky pilot model.....


    Next is a picture of Brett putting together the tractor for the Blue Sky pilot build....


    I'd post a pic of me there 'working' but Brett seems to have removed them from the home page.....

  • Here is the pic of Karl working diligently on BlueSky...

  • I think Brett set me up at the end of his desk just so that he could keep a close eye on me and make sure I didnt waste too much 'production' time 'chit-chatting' with KKO........
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    Wow...I must have stumbled upon Mr. Peabody's 'Way Back Machine' (anyone else remember Mr. Peabody?) 'cuz here I am at day One....what a wealth of knowledge to be found on the pages that are buried in here...doesn't matter the scale or topic there's a 'ton' of great information to be gleaned from previous posters....Thanks Brett, Karl, any other moderators and all who have contributed

  • It has been a breath of fresh air to have people willing to share their thoughts and suggestions as posts are made. It does take a bit of effort to take in process photos and post, but the feedback is really welcome.

    Frankly, as I've looked at other information available online, SWSM has the most complete online references and support I've found. Thanks to all who contribute. (I'll be back as soon as I get the interim work on my layout done.) Currently working on the terrain and grade leading into Quincy's Salvage on the L, NP, & W RR.

    Thanks Brett for all you do.

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    Thank you so much for your comments Terry and Mark,
    for reviving this thread, and of course for all your other ongoing contributions to the forum which are much appreciated.

    As Brett said in his initial post of this thread way back in 2011 when we started this Forum, it's all about 'participation'.
    Plus, we're all here for the same reasons he described in his original statement.

    There is indeed some wonderful modelling featured on these forum pages, and there is obviously much more to come in the future.

    Thank you all.


  • What's the point of a forum if there is no participation.? You are so right Karl, we're all here to learn from each other. I think it's a great initiative. Whatever scale you practice.
  • Wise words Robert.
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