So, what's on your workbench ????

Well, modelling season is here, the cold weather has moved in and the temps are down in the 70's.

Yard work is over with for another year and it's back to the modelling workbench.

My plans are to get back to a few kits that have been left unfinished, the "Mill Engine & Boiler House"
the "Woodcutters Shack" and a couple of languishing scratchbuilds.

What do you have that you are either building now or are planning to start on.

It will be great to hear what the rest of you have planned......



  • Well the weather is the other way round down here in South Africa but that doesn't stop me from building.

    My plan is to get my blue sky diorama done and hopefully start on the shipyard before the new year. In between those 2 I have a couple of 1/35 military vehicles that I'm busy with as well.

    Looking forward to seeing you progress on some of your builds Karl. As always its a treat to see your work.
  • Its about 90 F here in Australia today and predicted to go up to 100 F over the rest of the week with storm clouds hovering.

    Still plugging away at the Logging Camp .....
  • Nothing... not a darn thing...

    but I will have an O Scale Sawmill on my workbench soon!
  • I forgot about BlueSky Wes, I need to get back to that one too !!

  • Boiler and Mill engine still being incorporated into the roundhouse (2012 a tuff year at my house); Tractor Repair building;
  • Your cold weather is not without humor. It was 25 here this morning so winter has taken hold in Jersey.
    Well with the beach closed. Looks like I'll have to sit down and finish some of the stuff I've started.
    Plus I have a new Tool Shed that I got at the EXPO to do.

  • ... The Shipyard of course ...

  • I have a barrel and a shovel I'm going to start on!

    WOOM (worn out old minion)
  • Slow down there Ol' fella, one thing at a time.....

  • Making a push towards a getting the mine finished. Layout scenery largely in place. Backdrop still needs attention.

    Project engineer of mine build is feeling the pressure from the mine and railroad owners. wanting to get started with ore production. Railroad finished ahead of schedule with having their rail lines extended to the mine location. Tipple and Headframe are built, mine shaft is drilled.

    Engineers are contempleting a change to the hoist house design, possibly mirroring the long building walls in order to have large door showing to the front of the layout. Also considering water tank location to be on front side as well for better viewing angle.

    Mine in progress1

    Red foam section is still removable, no scenery work done yet, just painted to remove the pink...

    Lets see where this one will go....
  • Looks wonderful with the rock work in the background... Love the track running into the portal and under the bin. Great tie-in!
  • Rock on, brother!!
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