Loco and Service Shop

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A big thank you to my loyal SierraWest forum members! Here is a little treat to feast your eyes upon. I will get the complete picture set for the Loco and Service Shop uploaded in the next few days on the website. Hope you enjoy this! I am really proud of the diorama and am excited to exhibit it at the structure show in Lancaster PA. So, I know you've got some questions after seeing this... the complete picture set will provide the answers. Thank you again and enjoy this forum exclusive!


  • Brett

    Looks good so far. Really can't wait to see the pictures. But I'm sure it will be a knock out at the EXPO.

  • Looks awesome! and yes, need more pictures!!!

    I have a spot where I hope it fits. I'm figuring out the finalized placement of track and buildings from 3 of your other kits right now! When is mine shipping? :-)

  • Brett you really know how to keep us hanging. And if that pic is anything to go by, I cant wait to get mine.
  • Looks great !!
  • Wow!!! Once again you just don't know how to disappoint do you? Hey and you kept to your schedule, done by the model show (which is more than I can say for me). Looking forward to getting this one started even if it means returning to HO scale.
  • G'day Brett.
    This looks fantastic! Due to the photo being titled "208", can I assume it is a HO scale kit?
    Thanks again for all your hard work with this, it really looks good.
    Greg In Australia
  • When do we get to call in and make sure our credit card information is up to date? ;^)
  • WHAT??!? That's it? One fuzzy pic you are passing off as a fair teaser? Com-on dude - give us more!
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    That's why it is called a "sneak peek" my friend! I love the picture and post processing work I did. It captures the overall feel of the diorama perfectly. Major update with tons of my usual big photo's coming in the next couple days....
  • Not only are the kits the best but the photographs are great too. Maybe if we're lucky at some point in the future Brett will publish a second book of them; the first serves as a great reference in its own right. (Note: the O scale sawmill and the HO scale Central Camp come first, book later...)
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    just teasing my friend - it really is a hot shot and I cannot wait to see the rest - just made it my desktop
  • I'm trying to figure out what's all pictured here: obviously the main service shop, a line side shed, a water tower on the right, a large fuel tank on the left. But there's something in front of the fuel tank. Can't tell if that downspout and counter weight on the left belong to the evelated fuel tank or if it's part of another structure.

    The roof line on the shop is pretty cool...seems to have a fairly steep pitch.
    Oh yeah: is that the new Sierra West logo?

    I like what I see so far!
  • Bill that looks like some sort of crane derrick to me.
  • Bill - that is the downspout/counterweight assembly for the oil tank- no crane on the loco side of the diorama. No new logo, just having a little fun with the West in SierraWest. Waiting for some sunny weather to complete my pics then all will be revealed.
  • Okay. I'm working off only one picture so curiousity is killing THIS cat!
  • I'm like Bill, "this cat has got to know!"

    Just in the right spot I can maybe modify my track which is going down soon so it will barely fit. Maybe.....
  • Jamestown and Karl A;
    The only thing I could suggest for an improvement to Brett's Kits is to let us know the footprint of the finished kit in inches by inches. I am slowly building a layout, and its a pain not being able to make "placeholders" for the real estate that kits will take up.
    Even a floorplan perimeter diagram would be useful, just so I could draw some lines on the layout to tell if the tracklayout will work....
    Greg In Australia.
  • Sunshine! Been waiting for a sunny day to get my final diorama shots and the webpage updated... Very sunny outside this morning.
    Greg - I will get those dimensions on the webpage, yeah I forget many times to include that information.
  • Woohoo. Can't wait.
  • I've seen guys less excited than this waiting in the maternity ward... ;^)
  • Haha. Yeah. So true.
  • no comment....
  • I'm doing something constructive while waiting- I'm making the trees !!
  • Glad you finally got some sun for good pictures. I was going to suggest you bring it to my house, we've had some great days here :-)
  • Well got some great shots, had a lot of fun trashing the pics up making them look like you found them in the attic... glad it is up and live tho. Now I am gonna go smoke a cigar and get ready for the Expo.
  • So worth the wait. Wow.
  • Wow! Very very nice, guys! But wait a second...there's another kit coming out next month, too??
  • another home run - cannot wait to plant it on the diorama
  • The donkey repair facility is a separate kit due out next month.
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