SUNCOAST CENTER for fine modeling is closing

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they lost there lease and closing there doors the info was in my email today


  • Got the email to. What a shame!

  • Gonna miss that display;-(((
  • I went to their web page. They say they are open May 21st for the last time. Wish I could go see it.......Rick
  • Anyone who lives even remotely close should go, (not) only if to see a couple of Brian Nolan's incredible dioramas in person. Really bummed this place will be no more.
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    I have alot of faith in Dave, and all of the other guys/gals running the place.
    I'm sure they'll find a new location and that the only thing that will change is the address.

    Let's all hope for the best and support them however we can.
  • I would like to buy some of there Displays.
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    Did you contact them ? That would seem like a logical first step. Or just post it here?
    First you need to ask them the price, second you need to have the resources.

    I doubt that Dave would sell any of Brians diorama's, however, some of the other work may be negotiable.
  • Craig if you go to suncoast center for fine modeling on the right side of the page you'll see a box that says "contact us". I'm sure if they have stuff to sell they would be more than happy to accommodate you!
  • I talked to somebody at the Center today.
  • and?
  • Gee! Craig we would all like to know what they said about buying stuff from them?
  • They have my contact info and will get back with me when they know something? That's it. If they want to sell something they will call me.
  • Thanks.
  • Thanks for the follow up.
  • Talked to someone today at the Suncoast Center and found out that the suncoast central layout is for sale and someone is coming to look at it Tomorrow? Their selling a few other layouts to. I'm interested in a couple things at the Center waiting for a yes or No on these Item's.
  • I could only imagine what the price tag on those items might be.
  • A few years ago I visited the Suncoast Center and to say it was a wonderful experience walking among and viewing the great displays is an understatement. There were not only great railroad displays (my main focus) but also several military dioramas. It was certainly a sad day when I read that the center was closing down.
    With that being said, it occurred to me that perhaps many if not most of the guys who hang out here have never been to the Suncoast Center and wonder what the 'big deal is'.
    I 'talked' with Brett to see what his thoughts were on posting pix of the center and he said 'go for it'. So, I have around 50 photos from my afternoon at the Center which I'll post in groups of 10 or so. I have to manipulate each photo to size it to the requirements of the forum so my uploads will be spread out over a few days.
    Attached is the first group and believe me when I say, photos don't do the displays justice but since the chance to view them in person has come and gone this is what it is.

  • That place was dripping with inspiration. Sad to see it go.
  • Everyone still has a chance to go see everything as their OPEN one more time this month. I thought of flying in as my sister lives in Florida so I have a place to stay !!! Ill check today and see the cost of a Flight round trip and car rental ?
  • Their website says the last open house was last Saturday. Are they scheduling one more before closing?
  • Your right... last sat was the last one My Wrong.... I was thinking the last one was the last week of this month.
  • Also looks like im not going to Fly to Florida and rent a car...being I had my dates wrong to check out the Center at the last open House. That would of been a good day hanging out there from opening to closing.
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    Fantastic pictures Terry, thanks for sharing them with us all.
    I've been down to the Suncoast a couple of times and have also seen the Sundance Layout at several shows over the years.
    As you say, no photo's can do this, and the other amazing displays justice, however, the pictures are always a pleasure and an inspiration to study and see.
    Thanks again for sharing and we look forward to seeing more of your pictures as time permits.

    The time you are taking to share them is greatly appreciated by many of us.

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    I also like and appreciate the fact that in your first set of pictures they are focused in on small areas of the dioramas so that we can study and admire the 'little things' that make up the whole picture.
  • Another group of Suncoast pix.....

    Karl, when I took the photos I had in mind using them as reference photos. Not to copy a scene but rather to view how others have composed a a shovel is placed, how a pile of pallets are arranged.

    If I had known I would be using the photos like this I probably would have taken several 'overall' shots of the layouts in general but as I said, that wasn't my intent at the time

  • Thanks for posting the pics.
  • Thanks you!!

  • Terry, thanks for the pictures. I really like the first one in this group. SOOO much detail. I saw the Suncoast center back in 2016 when the Sn3 symposium was in Clearwater. An inspiring visit. Randy
  • Thanks for the additions Terry. I had realized your purpose and do the same thing. I have shots similar. I do have some overal shots from the center and of the layout i'll share after you.
  • Thanks for the pictures. I can't believe this layout will no longer be displayed. Really disappointed.
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