I have been working diligently lately on the Logging Camp Essentials kit to fill out my sawmill and logging camp area on my layout. Here are a bunch of progress photo's on the basic buildings that I have so far completed. I still have to add all the details to the structures and the location of the buildings will be different from the kit suggestion.


Bunk house


Shower and Latrine


Cook House


Another Bunk House


Tool Shed


Fuel Depot


Rigging Shed

I am currently working on the Railroad Station included in the kit. I am not sure where I will locate it. I think that it is to large for my logging Camp.


  • Steve,

    Great looking set of structures for the logging camp on your layout. My personal favorites are the Tool Shed and Rigging Shed. Could you snap a few more photos of the facades of each of these two structures to share with us? What are the dimensions of the Rigging Shed? It looks very different from the Rigging Shed kit in O-Scale. I also really like the faded finish of the Tool Shed. Can you share what method you used to achieve this weathered look?

    Thanks, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Wow Stephen, you've been busy! Love the Fuel you got that white peel down solid my friend. Shingle roof looks fantastic, wall is dirtier at the bottom, beautifully dulled green it...Ken
  • Looking great, Steve
  • BEEutiful work. i'm with ken, the fuel depot is a homer.
  • I also like the Fuel Depot and when I get the details all done, I think that it will look awesome. Ken, I have learned a few things from following your builds and made the bottom dirty from some of your work. The peeling paint Ken was done with a wire brush after the paint dried. The same thing on the Tool Shed, I used A/I as the first coat, and then painted it with Poly Box Car Red and then brushed it with a wire brush.

    I appreciate everybody's interest and comments.
  • Here are several more photo's of the Tool Shed and the Rigging Shed




    The Rigging Shed is 15' x 12' deep in HO scale feet
  • These structures are looking fantastic Steve, everything is so well constructed, weathered and finished.
    Your buildings are definitely a taste of what is too come.

    I personally cant wait for more if this is what you are starting out with and you call it 'basic' ?

  • Those are fantastic. The camp would look good in O scale also...
  • Excellent! Really excited to see what you do with this kit.
  • Looks great. Loved your last build and really looking forward to how this one will come together.
  • Steve...not only are you doing a magnificent job on the modeling but your doing it at a speedy you ever sleep?...seems like no time ago you sent out the request looking to purchase this kit...well done
  • Steve,

    Thanks for the dimensions of the Rigging Shed, the additional photos and the way you created the weathered wood on the Tool Shed.

    Later, Dave S Tucson, AZ
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    I have been working on the railroad depot in the essentials kit this past week. I want all the railroad stations on my layout painted with the Southern Pacific color scheme, the walls, Colonial Yellow and the trim Depot Brown. The only source for this paint that know about is Tru-Color paints. These colors only come in their airbrush line of paints. Since I wanted to use the Damp Brush technique, I poured some paint into a container and let some of the solvent evaporate to get a paint consistency suitable for brushing.

    So I brushed the individual strip wood pieces with a wire brush, applied an alcohol/India ink solution to the pieces of strip wood, I then damped brush the colonial yellow onto the strip wood pieces. It took up to 3 coats of paint to get the coverage I wanted. The paint had a slight sheen to it which I didn't like, so once the walls were built, I applied a coat of Model Master's acrylic matte finish.

    Here are some photo's of my progress so far.





  • Hera are a couple of more pictures


  • Steve, that's a nice look. I don't see any shine to the paint, so mission accomplished. Way to adapt to the situation. Phil
  • Steve...last weekend I bought a glue applicator like I see in one of your great for applying a small dab of glue
  • I like that yellow!
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    That aged and dirty yellow really looks great Steve. You've also done a terrific job of showing the age of the doors and windows to match the siding. Perfect.

  • Working out great Stephen. Really like how your keeping with the protypical Southern Pacific color scheme.
  • Thanks for the encouragement, I have had a case of anxiety working through this build on how it would turn out.
  • You got this!...its going to look great once the walls are up and starts taking ahape.
  • It looks already very well at this point. It has a certain warmth about it. It can only go better. Have faith.!!!
  • I agree, NICE color. Well done so far. I know the rest will be equal.
  • While waiting go to my sisters place for dinner tonight, I have been getting in some bench time today. Here are the latest progress photo's of the railroad station.







  • Steve,

    Glad you had some spare time to get everything posted here today. This little depot looks great. Really like all the additional photos. Thanks for taking the time to post these for us to enjoy and savor. Nice to see the walls come together and have the freight docks in place. I especially like your color selections and the slightly faded not to weather beaten look. Looking forward to seeing the roof in place followed by more of the overall scene development. Since a depot was often a hub for social activity LP and vehicles will really make the overall scene come alive.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Great progress. A pleasure to follow this build.
  • Attached are pictures of the completed station. I still have to decide on the name of the town it will be named. Now I have to prepare and paint all the castings that go with the kit and I will place them on the various individual buildings. I will not be doing the diorama that is described in the plan book, but will use the structures to fill in the sawmill area on my layout.







  • Steve, The station looks fantastic and I really like the colouring and application of the shingles. How did you colour them?
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    Hi Mike,

    I prepared the sheets of shingles by first applying a wash of Polyscale roof brown. I then applied alternating stripes of Rembrandt pastels of 408.7 and 408.9 raw umber and alcohol. The pictures really do not give justice to how the shingles turned out. I was very pleased with the results.
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    That whole station/depot/build looks fantastic Steve, as I've already said.... but those shingles really 'top it off' beautifully, (excuse that pun), but you really nailed it on that roof. I love the subtle randomness and slightly uneven look you achieved.
    and you say it looks better in person ? .... really nice job.

    Looking forward to its 'integration'.

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