Covid Vaccine in Texas

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Helpful link if you're interested - bet there are similar in all staes


  • It looks like Arizona is sending allocations to each county based on population and the County sets the policy for locations for the injections. Since my wife and I are over 75 we are in group 1B. We are scheduled for Feb 3rd at a Tucson hospital where we stay in the car for the shot and the 15 minute post shot observation time.. I waited on the phone for about two hours to talk to someone about confirming a date and time even after I had applied for the vaccine on line. Initially, two hospitals in Pima County were open for potential vaccine recipients. I believe the number of locations has increased.recently. The system appears to be overloaded for the demand at this time.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • My Mum and her hubby got their first shots on Saturday, (in the UK), thats a weight off my mind, they are both mid 70's. I missed her call on Sunday for the first time in two years but she e'mailed and said all was going OK.
  • I jumped on line here in South Carolina as soon as they announced age 70+ could schedule (leaves my wife out). Still had to settle for Feb 20th for first round and March 20th for second. They ran out of slots in just a few hours. Demand outnumbers avails...
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    Hopefully the Johnson one shot vaccine will be approved here in a couple weeks so that will speed up availability.
    Luckily Biden says he wants to improve the disaster of production/distribution, and no plan he inherited to a million per day.... and then says we're only at 8.3million per week... ummm ok. Math?
    Thankfully things are now going to get 'better'....?
  • Dave, Molly and I got our shot last week, myself on Wednesday and molly on Friday, both at Kino Sports on the south side. Took about an hour for each of us. Did the reservations on line, but could get us both at the same time the way the system works without calling. I did call about getting both ours at the same time, no phone wait time but couldn't get a reservation until middle of February.
  • Well I was able to register, finally. I am number 155,233 on the list and they are currently vaccinating number 23,042 so yeah, not holding my breath.
  • No Brett! Ya hold your breath when you get the shot. My wife and I do our vaccinations this Thursday. We are doing a drive through version at the hospital. It will be a relief to get the first shout in the rear view mirror especially now that more mutations are popping up.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • One of the grandkids was suppose to have an operation on her knee. But it was postponed because the DR. came down with COVID! He already had his shots!!

  • My wife the school teacher got her first shot this week. I'm afraid I'm way down the list for mine.
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