Stian formulas

I like working with India ink / alcohol stains. I use Hunterline for consistency but you can't always get Hunterline stains. My question is is there a set of formulas some where I can use to get repeatable results with?
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  • Ah color...the best color for you is the one you like the best. My favorite recipe is 1 tsp black & 1 tsp sepia ink in 1 pt alcohol. Gives a nice black/brown look. Substitute burnt umber for sepia for a warmer (more reddish) brown.

    I used to stain all of my wood with IA/alc until Brett convinced me to go to chalks. So I made the switch. And dangit if Ken isn't doing a wood tutorial using IA now. I recommend checking out his thread. "Dr Grunge wood clinic".

    This is the color I got with the sepia recipe.IMG_0835
  • Very nice Bryan!!

  • Thanks Browner, thats a good formula to start with.
  • Your work looks really good too, the detail clearly shows through.
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