Window Panes?????

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I am an absolute klutz when it comes to window panes. I get glue seepage and finger prints/fuzz/lint/hairs/smears on the panes. And I model in O Scale. I need a technique as the windows are ruining my otherwise fine kit builds. Its so bad I just scrapped a 300 dollar kit build because I messed the clear panes up so badly.


  • Use tiny drops of CA applied to the back of the window with the point of a #11 blade and be sure to handle the window material only with tweezers. For me these are the two golden rules and will eliminate the problems you describe. If your work area has a lot of dust/dirt/pet hair, etc... be sure to clean it before modeling. I work on glass and just use a typical glass cleaner before beginning. Sounds obvious but when I don't work on a clean table I too get lint and hair stuck in glue.

    I will make a small comment here - From speaking to thousands of modelers over the years almost everyone could use more light. Daylight LED bulbs are cheap now and will work in nearly any fixture. Several of these will make a massive difference. Can't model if you can't see...
  • Bret...can you recommend a specific bulb? Lowes or Amazon perhaps?
  • any brand of LED bulbs from any source should be fine. I buy six packs on amazon - just be sure to get the daylight as it's a nice clean white light.
  • drjohn You could try seeing how you get on using "Canopy Glue" for fixing window panes, it dries clear. Not as good as tiny CA drops but my preferred.
  • John - I've also used "canopy glue". The full name is ZAP Formula 560 Canopy Glue. I've also used spray adhesive both 3M and Alene's. You just have to spray a very light coat. Keep plenty of distance from the back of the window frame. Having said that, I like using drops of CA especially if I use real glass (microscope slide material). I haven't applied CA with a #11 blade, I'll have to try that. I have cut the top of the eye of a needle off making a small fork to apply the CA. Hope that helps.
  • I've used floor polish as an adhesive. Pledge Floor Care (formerly Future Floor polish). I take a clean brush and swipe the floor polish on the surface of the glass material and then set the window frame on top of it. Let it dry somewhere dust free. It'll dry crystal clear and smooth provided your work area is clean. It's not a very strong bond so it might be good to reinforce it with some glue along the edge.

    I have a couple of LED strips stuck to the bottom of the cabinets that hang over my bench. The LEDs in the strips alternate between cool white and warm white. It has a controller so that I can dim one or the other thus changing the temperature of the light. The only down side is that there's no diffuser over the strips so I have rows of shiny little dots reflecting up at me if I'm working on glass. I should get a strip of milky plastic one of these days.

    Bill S.
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