Weathered Fence

I was riding in a cab in Chicago a week or so ago and passed this fence that caught my eye. Luckily we were stopped at a red light and had time to snap a couple of pix


Fence 01a
Fence 02a


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    Always great to find an interesting prototype to use as inspiration Terry.
    The sun bleached silver grey looks almost white in the full sun which creates a stark contrast with the dark 'mildewed' areas in patchy places, also the number of knots in the boards is something to take note of. They don't use prime grade 'one' boards for fence panels, lots of knots for interest to us,
    Also notice how the gate panel is slightly higher than the rest for ground clearance due to the sloping ground .
    The variation of tarmac for the driveway and concrete sidewalk is nice, as is the fact that the cracks in the road correlate directly to the expansion break in the kerb stone... prob due to drainage and subsurface water flow erosion....

    Great pic, who'da thunk a pic of a fence could be so interesting..... and I actually noticed more good stuff in the pic, but stopped typing.....

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