Frame saw prototype info wanted

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Hi, I'm eagerly awaiting the O scale sawmill kit but already know that I shall be modifying it to include some features I remember from NewZealand sawmills back in my youth. One is to include a frame saw for cutting boards to width instead of the edger which did not work well with NZ timbers. My edger will be left rusting out in the grass next to the mill in my model!. The frame saw had multiple vertical reciprocating blades but I have been unable to find any good info on them to model one. The two photos I do have are of saws made by the same NZ company but are totally different in design.

Does anyone have any other photos, drawings or catalogue prints of this type of saw that they could post? I've tried posting the 2 photos I have here but not sure it is going to work as I keep getting a message saying the uploaded file type(jpeg) is not allowed?



<img src="/vanforum/uploads/FileUpload/17/237.jpg"


  • I think I finally got one of these uploaded but who knows - if it doesn't appear - help! And I don't know why this didn't appear under prototype info where it was supposed to.

  • That's a very interesting piece of machinery Jeff. I searched to find an answer to your question following your first post but came up empty.
    I'm now intrigued to find out more about this machine as it seems an interesting and unusual project.
    Please post more as you find it. I'll also keep looking.

  • This is the other photo - I'm not sure what is wrong with it but this is the only file format I seem to be able to upload it in so hopefully this will show up. It will not load as a jpeg. I have one other photo taken from a distance of one installed in a mill which i'll try enlarging and post as well.
  • OK well that didn't work but I resaved as a jpeg and it loaded - beats me but here it is I hope.

  • Fourth time lucky ?- cut the file size down! What am I doing wrong here?
  • One last try, I did away with the electronic wizardry and just photographed the photos with a camera!
  • I love the look of the machine but what a bitch to model... the wrenches leaning on the frame are very cool... good luck on this project and please keep us informed of progress...
  • Thanks Brett. I'm going to have to find more information first though as all three of these photos show different designs. Sorry I'm putting your edger out to grass but that is what happened in the real mill!

  • Well, I finally got around to starting this. I still need to add the connecting rods,feed guides, upper rolls and roller drive plus a lot of nuts and bolts but it is starting to take shape. It isn't the easiest thing I've ever built, and there are still some details I'm unsure of. It looks a bit odd as I've splashed some paint behind parts I can't get to later - this is just a progress shot.


  • Very impressive progress Jeff, I really enjoy to see this type of build evolve. Some damn fine modeling.

  • outstanding... really fine work
  • Now that's impressive. It looks like you could cut your own scale stipwood with that.
  • Well, the frame saw is finished - it became really fiddly towards the end because of all the bits sticking out. The photo is a bit brutal - bear in mind it is only 2 3/4" tall and my eyes aren't as good as they used to be! It still needs the addition of oil soaked sawdust around all the bearings plus a layer of sawdust all over but that can wait until I do all the machines in the mill. Next is to make the dead rolls for either side - I'm assuming they are dead rolls as there are live rolls already in the saw .

  • really nice - great accomplishment!!!
  • WOW !!!
    Very impressive.
    Congratulations on such fine work.
  • That photo aint brutal at all Jeff. It just shows how brilliantly you have managed to replicate the original in miniature.

    Great work.
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