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Greetings to you all.
Just a note to introduce myself, my name is Gilbert Gribi. Domiciled in Switzerland, my wife and I we live between Switzerland and France.
I am not totally unknown in the world of model making. I have been practicing this hobby for more than 40 years. (70 years old this year) I have written articles in several French and American magazines. (Loco Revue, Le Train, Voie Libre and The Narrow gauge and Short Line Gazette.
My passion is only the narrow gauge railroad in the 0 scale , European (1/43.5) and American (1/48).
Since a long time I have mounted kits from CHB, 2 sawmills, 2 mechanical workshop, donkeys, trucks etc.
Sorry for my bad English, I learned this language long time ago and I forgot a lot


See my site : (Sorry only in French, but the images speak for themselves).


  • Hi Gilbert, welcome here. We do know each other from the Gemme and passion métrique forums. I work in the Om scale ( Robert Goyvaerts ) When I discovered Sierra West, I saw the quality and knew this was something for me. I just finished the Dueling Shacks and working now on the Woodcutters Shack.
    á bientôt et bienvenu.
  • Hey Gilbert, welcome to the forum.
  • Welcome aboard Gilbert.
  • Great to see you here Gilbert, welcome!
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    Welcome aboard, Gilbert

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    Thank you all, Merci Robert
    Two pics of my mechanical workshop
    atemec17 300


  • Welcome aboard. Love the machine shop.

  • Welcome Gilbert. Some real nice work on your site.
  • Terrific shop scene Gilbert, LPs are very nicely done and love the grime and metal shavings on the floor by the machines...great stuff.
  • Welcome Gilbert. The shop is awesome! I agree the LPs really add to the story.
  • hmmmm.....
  • Someone needs to come up with a way to put something that looks reasonable as a face on HO characters. Especially for those of us old enough to have lost either the fine edge to their eyesight or delicate motor skills needed to paint anything...
  • Just put a bag over their head. ...........Carl
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