Greetings From Connecticut!

Hello all,

I've been a big fan of SierraWest for a few years now and I am very happy to be able to learn from you all here on the Forum. I'm completely blown away at the quality of work by everyone here and I am already learning so much. Thanks for the great pics and for sharing!



  • Welcome aboard Scott.

  • Great to have you participating Scott!
  • Hi Scott Where in CT do you live I worked for CL&P for 40 years. Have fun here. .......Carl
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    Scott, glad to have you on-board.....

  • Carl,

    My wife and I (and our German Shepherd) are in Greenwich. We just moved from Westchester NY area two months ago. We love it here and can't believe how low the property taxes are compared to Westchester NY!

    I had a 12-year HO layout going in a spare bedroom at my parents house that now needs to get picked up as my mother is selling that house next month. I'll start a new layout here in Greenwich soon, but I've got A LOT of figuring to do about getting this older layout apart and out.

    If any of you have experience dismantling a layout, I'm open to suggestions! :)

  • 20180219-nhzCmAoyoAV -  02.19.2018_15.26.27

    Here is a picture of Scott's layout - pretty darn impressive! Instead of dismantling it Scott tells me he would rather sell it and see it in a good home...
  • Just buy Mom's house. ............Carl

    Scott lived in Woodbury for 40 years.
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    Carl....that's what I was thinking...after seeing the layout I thought I might put a bid in on her house.....oh wait....move from Central Florida to Westchester County...I guess not ...the timber trestle is awesome

  • Ha! I would but we just bought this house!

    Carl, Woodbury is beautiful.
  • Welcome aboard.

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