Every Sierrawest Kit Ever Made (except 2)

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With my latest delivery from Brett today, I now possess every Sierrawest Kit (except 2) in both O Scale and HO / HOn3 Scales.

The 2 I'm missing are the O scale Sand/Water Cars and the Hon3 Porter Engine. If someone out there has one of these kits and would like to sell it, please let me know.

For those of you that are interested, here is a list of all the kits...some can no longer be found on the Sierrawest Website...

HO Scale:
- Blue Sky Company Warehouse
- Scotia Supply
- Eureka Springs Engine House
- Water Tank and Storage Shed
- Shelby's Marine
- The Logging Tractor and Repair Shed (Built)
- The Machine Shop (Built)
- The Backwoods Work Train - HO Scale (Built)
- The Backwoods Work Train - HOn3 Scale
- The Freight House
- Foss' Landing
- The Addison (Boat)
- The Jewel (Boat)
- Railroad Camp
- Quincy Salvage
- Duluth Plumbing
- EJ Wiley Wholesale
- Lineside Storage Shed
- Logging Camp Essentials (Tool Shed is also found in this kit)
- Logging Camp Main Street
- Wood Cutter Shack
- Twin Mills at Deer Creek *Big Kit*
- The Shipyard at Foss' Landing
- The Loco and Service Shops
- The Donkey Repair Yard
- The Deer Creek Mine
- O'Neills Fabrication

Mini Scenes (not found on the website)
- Large Tank on High Platform
- Industrial Tank on Low Platform
- Eureka Springs Boiler House

O Scale:
- Mill Engine and Boiler House
- The Logging Tractor and Repair Shed (In Process of being Built)
- The Tool Shed
- The Rigging Shed
- Lineside Storage Shed
- Sawmill Project + Sawmill Hardware *Big Kit*
- Wood Cutters Shack
- Railroad Camp
- Bluesky Company
- The Dueling Shacks
- Machine Shop Machinery
- Dolbeer Logging Engine
- Mack Trucks
- Caterpillar Tractor
- Disconnected Logging Trucks
- Small Gondolas Cars
- Pipe Scrap Steel Car
- Blacksmith Car

That is all...



  • Thanks Alan list appreciated. However do you build as well as collect and if so both HO and O?
  • I just build/collect Sierra West kits in both scales. I eventually plan on having 2 big in each scale. After building kits from most of the other kit builders, Brett's are the best in terms of details and quality over all the rest.

  • WOW, I don't have a few of those. Quite impressive Alan! Thanks for the picture. You are too kind as well... The Porter technically is different since I didn't "make" it but the water and sand car combo.... well lets talk.
  • oh my. Do we need to rush you to rehab?
  • Hey Alan, I have accumulated all the HO scale kits as well. I do not have any of the
    mini-scene kits which I watch for but have not had a chance to acquire. At this point I only model HO/HOn3 so have not attempted to acquire any of the O scale kits. Love what you're doing and my plans are similar...have a completed diorama of every HO/HOn3 kit Brett manufacturers...past, present, and future. No question, hands down the most comprehensive, innovative, well designed, casting laden, manual/template boasting, top of the line pure craftsman kits you'll ever hold in your hands...Ken
  • Alan and Ken , do you guys have wives ? If you do what's your secret ????????
  • edited June 2016 need to find your wife a hobby so while she's doing her hobby, you can build kits. In my case, I bought my wife a $1,800 3D Printer so while she's making stuff for her students (grade school teacher), I can model.
  • Weren't there some HO scale disconnects in the distant past?
  • Alan:
    You have a really impressive collection and it includes some O scale kits I did not even know Brett had released.

    I'm focussing on HOn3 and several years ago got lucky (i.e.: decent prices) on eBay and picked up some of Brett's old HO kits and "specials" at a decent price. These include:
    #8083 - Eureka Springs Boiler House
    #8086 - Industrial Tank on Platform with Shed
    #8090 - Foss Accessory Package

    I have acquired the following individually packed cars over a long period of time:
    LT7 - HOn3 Wood Slab Car
    LTD1 - HOn3 Disconnected Log Car (2 per kit)
    LTD2 - HOn3 Oil Car
    LTD3 - Disconnected Ore Car (two versions - with and without load)
    LTD4 - HOn3 Kerosene Car

    Brett would have to comment but until I found the above car kits on eBay I did not know he had released them individually vs. as a set in the HO and HOn3 versions of the Work Train.
  • Hmmm. I had no idea there were HOn3 disconnects. I'm going to need to call Brett. Also, I'm not familiar with the Kerosene car either unless it's found in the work train.
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    Hey Brian,
    I just sent you a message about seeing if there is enough money in the world that would get you to part with those extra Hon3 cars...

    Thanks again for letting me know about them.
  • Hi Alan,
    Sorry, but right now I am unwilling to part with them.

    However, I'm not getting any younger and my if appetite for acquiring Brett's kits starts to overtake my capacity for building them then I may have to change my mind and then I'll be sure to let you know!
  • Brian, you have some serious building to do. I put it in my Sierra West build calculator and I estimate that you have 19.67 years worth of building to do. I hope you are as young as Dustin, so you can finish them all. However, in those 19.67 years, Brett will probably produce another 30 kits. Therefore, it's a never ending project.

    BTW, I'm going to print your picture to show my wife. She thinks 10 kits on the shelf is too much. Phil
  • Dwight, I'm a different Alan but my secret is my wife knows that building the kits keeps me out of bars and away from strange women!

    Alan H.
  • I have the disconnects and Porter. I can't see how to post a picture here (I'm just on my phone.) When I get back to my computer I'll see about uploading it.
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    Here is a picture of my Porter (not finished) and some disconnects with a "special" load. The disconnects received a merit award and helped me earn my AP Cars Certificate!

    Also, here is a close-up.
  • Thanks for sharing the picture. Do you recall who made that Porter?
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    Brett can clarify but I think it was the same kit he offered for a very short time. I actually got it from a friend who ordered an extra one for me directly from Backwoods Miniatures. I have never seen it on their website. I happened to be in the right place at the right time to get mine.

    By the way, I also have every HO kit except the most recent, waiting on additional funding :-)
    I also have the On30 cars. The Sand and Water ones earned me a couple of merit awards to help towards my AP Cars Certificate.

  • I don't have a backlog of SWSM kits other than these two I bought a short while ago at the garage sale find of the decade. I had never even heard of these two gems- 3002 and 3003. They aren't even listed by Brett under previous or sold-out kits.
    A friend tipped me off that "some kits that looked like what you build" were at the sale a few blocks away and I hustled over and snatched them up.
    Have no idea what the market value is but while they are neat kits it is unlikely I will build them. I've built twelve or thirteen of Brett's kits and I've got a couple more in mind in addition to whatever he has coming down the pike. First priority is that I'm all-in on O'Neill's.



  • Thanks for sharing those pics. I knew Brett sold the little Boat Shed from Foss' Landing as a separate kit...I just never knew he sold the main buildings individually too...
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    Does anyone have a picture of this Sierra West car in a completed state? Also, does anyone know which kit this might have come with?


  • Loco and Service Shop
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    Do you have a picture of a completed car Brett? Also, where would I find instructions on how to build it? Are they in the Service and Loco instruction manual.

  • Slowly getting thru all the SW threads...... interesting topic, this one......
  • I had completely forgot about that car...
  • I did not get that car with the Loco and Service Shops, unless it was with the O scale kit.
  • That was a bonus car included in the first 50 kits ordered... and no there as yet has not been an O Scale version of the Loco Shop released.
  • Just came across this thread.....good stuff here....I really get a jolt out of looking back on the old threads
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