How to use rembrandt chalks

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I'm new to building the kits but currently own six kits. The kits are the Essential, RR camp, The Deer Creek Mine, The Loco Repair Shop, Logging Main Street and the work Train. I have found lots of good info on how to do the castings and they are coming out to what I think looks good. The problem I'm running into is the older kits use the soaking method. I have tried several recipes I found on the web but none of the wood comes close to what The color look like in the construction manuels. I need some rembrandt recipes for the Essentials, RR Camp and the Twin Mills Lumber mill. Can anyone provide which combinations of Rembrandt chalk to use for each of those kits. I'm not a great artist that readily knows how to combine the color for a build plan. Any help would be appreciated.

Trow Davis


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    There are no finite "recipes" with chalk that will replicate/replace the soaking method. They are very different and both yield wonderful results. Use the chalk colors and combo's provided in my recent kits as a starting point. Experiment and achieve a natural variation just like real wood weathering in the woods. Don't overthink this. Nobody can provide a substitute formula since everybody scrapes the chalk and brushes the alcohol differently. AND that is the whole point of the method. It's fast, easy, forgiving, and looks incredible varying from modeler to modeler. Call me anytime Trow!
  • I will give a call tommorrow as not at home right now. What I'm looking for is a few suggested color schemes to experiment with. I do not yet own any of your newer kits except the Deer creek mine so at a loss of how you used the chalks till I can buy those kits. The Essentials is the one I'm working with first. How do I acchieve that great grey/white tones I see in the pictures?
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