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Great videos on the site, but I have a question: Seems I saw that castings of wooden items were to be painted with Floquil Earth or one of it's successors. The new videos show everything getting painted black. Is the technique evolving, or is the Rustoleum sand colored camo still OK? I get that everyone does their own thing their own way but I do want the best possible results.


  • I'm mixing it up a bit to keep things interesting. I like varying and evolving techniques over time. This keeps the final appearance just a bit different over the years. It's subtle but meaningful. Not change just for the sake of change. Try painting some resin castings with the sand and some black to see how it differs. Both will look great, just different! In contrast remember all metal castings are chemically blackened and buffed first. I have a video coming soon on metal castings as well as part 3 in the resin casting series.
  • Just watched them Brett. Nice tutorial. Well done.

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    I enjoy watching any technique demonstration. I wish you would do more. The instruction is concise and well narrated. Please make more of them.

  • Thanks for the comments. I have more planned and even a couple filmed already. As time permits I will do more for sure.
  • Ditto. These videos really bring your concepts to light. Keep them coming. Phil
  • As I am new to the group , where would I see these videos on painting the detail castings.

  • All of my videos are posted on my website here:

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    Fantastic videos Brett, clear, concise and very informative. Just goes to show how incredible the ever evolving and improving SierraWest techniques are, and, how any modeler at any level can reproduce outstanding results by following the straightforward instructions.
    Nice work !
  • I learn something new and useful almost every time I log on to Brett's site. Lessons from the second video on drums will be put to use this week as i have backlog of black primed drums waiting that "magic touch".
    Having very poor hearing I appreciated the auto produced YouTube subtitles. These are accurate enough to follow the program but are "interesting" and in no way detract from Brett's fine work in producing these, as ever helpful, new videos.
    I echo the call, more please, when time permits.
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