Questions about Posting your build's ..*** Please do not post your actual builds in this thread ***

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Brett are you going to have people post pictures? And if so are you going post a how do I post pictures to the forum?



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    Welcome Jerry.

    Most definately we want pictures in the build threads, that is a very important part of the way we share our modelling, and how we learn.

    To add a picture to your post simply click the "Attach a file" button at the bottom of the reply window and select the picture.
    Once it has uploaded just add it to the post by clicking the "insert image" button.

    Fast, easy and user friendly.

    The forum software will automatically downsize large pictures to full screen size , and give an "enlarge" option.

    Thanks for joining,
  • Thanks Karl, I had the same question and it seems easy enough. Who knows, I might even get the nerve up to do a build! :)
  • yes, yes, yes, do a build Kaz...
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    Dave's finished RailRoad camp has been moved to the folowing new thread....

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    Daves Build of the HO Wood Cutters Shack has been moved to the following thread....

  • Hi I've gotten a bit of flak for posting large pictures. I don't have software that saves as a smaller file (and maintains the integrity of the pictures). Is there anyway the website/webmaster can resize my pictures that are posted so they can easily be viewed?
  • Hi Joel,

    it is certainly possible for either Brett or myself to resize the pictures for you, unfortunately this takes some considerable time.... Downloading and saving your original pics to our hard drives, opening them in an editing program, adjusting the file size, re-saving them, then re-uploading the new smaller files and also deleting the original ones.

    As you can imagine this would take alot of time to do even now as the forum is growing, and would be impossible for us to manage as we grow.

    I will spend some time over the next day or two finding a free, safe, easy to use image resizing program for forum members to utilise.

    I'll then post a thread with instructions and a link to the download.

  • Are there settings in the camera you're using that determine the resolution it uses when taking pictures? My wife's camera does that and the size of the resulting files goes up as the resolution goes up. Perhaps a slightly lower resolution might still be usable?
  • I have added a thread containing a FREE safe download and instructions on its use into the SierraWest General Forum.

  • Thanks Karl. Do I have access to resize the pictures I've already posted? I keep getting error 401 when I try to delete the large photos. I was going to resize them and re-post.
  • Joel,
    once you have resized and uploaded smaller, replacement images into your previous posts Brett or myself will go in and delete the larger files for you.

  • OK all done.
  • Thanks Joel, your extra effort is very appreciated.

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