Kevin O'Neill

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Unfortunately today our close friend passed away.

Kevin was one of those people who was an instant friend. He had 'that' personality.

Kevin was well loved within our modeling community but we are are a small portion of the many lives that he touched through out his life.

You will be missed by us all.





  • Such a good person...hard to believe he's gone.
    So much talent and a willingness to share it with the rest of us. Our little fraternity is suddenly a lot smaller.

    God bless you, Old Minion!
  • Very sad to hear.

    I never met Kevin, but the couple of emails we sent back and forth regarding castings and a couple of other things were a serious inspiration to me.

    Rest in peace my friend.
  • What can be said about Kevin that hasn't been said on the various forums and his facebook page; he was loved my many! I vividly remember meeting him at the first CSS in '07 (? they kinda bleed together) - he had his HO Scale railroad camp dio and was so blown away that I wanted to display it on my table. Now that dio is slated to head to Dave Revelia's modeling museum in Tampa. A fitting tribute for our dear friend! I spoke with Dee Dee last night and she is still in shock as you can imagine. The amount of love and support she has received from the modeling community has helped her get through this tough time. She will let me know when Kev's memorial service will be and I will pass that along this afternoon. She specifically asked that anyone who attends from our community please come say hello to her.
  • Real sorry to hear about this.
  • After meeting Kevin two or three times it was always a pleasure to see him. We had talked a few times on the phone as he gave me advice on how to do castings.

    He surely will me missed. Rest in Peace by friend.

  • So sorry to hear. Kevin was a great guy and a fantastic modeler. He freely shared his knowledge and helped others like me become better modelers. It won't be the same this year at CSS without him. I'll miss him.
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