Less is more.......

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but not always.......




  • I'm almost afraid to ask, and what project(s) are these castings for? And is there a point where you start thinking about a different hobby?
  • Karl has so many projects going I really don't think he has enough castings to do them all.

  • Those are casting Karl prepped for our hands on clinic at the expo next week...
  • Apologies if posted twice - may have timed out earlier. Question: I love how K. O'Neill painted the oil cans in the on line photos & the instructions (o scale wood cutters etc) - any insights on techniques? They look really oily as opposed to just dirty. Instructions note larger stains can be done with oily black + alcohol - would this be the same case for the small cans? Some suggest adding a drop of clear gloss or satin to get a "wet" look...
  • I'll look into it for you James, I dont remember off hand.

  • Thanks Karl
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