Two color wood staining

In one of the current build threads there’s a conversation about staining each side of strip wood a different color.

I use a method which has been very successful for me. Because I don’t want to hijack Ken’s thread I’ll explain it here.

I firmly press the strip wood onto wide blue painters tape and stain the exposed side of the strip wood.

After the stain drys I carefully remove the strip wood from the blue painters tape. I then again firmly press the strip wood (unstained side up) to a new piece of painters tape and apply the new stain color.

The painters tape virtually eliminates the seepage of color from one side to the other. The strip wood must be firmly pressed onto the painters tape so care must be used in removing the wood from the tape.

I’ve used this method on wood roofs where I want the silver gray color on the exposed side but a warm wood tone on the underside.

I Hope I’ve explained this clearly



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