quiet in here

it's so quiet you could hear a fish fart.

what movie is that from and what actor said it?


  • That would be 'Lucky Lady (1975) and Claire ( Liza Minelli) said that... :smiley:
  • *DING*
  • It was until you woke everyone up!!!

  • Summer is always slow, this summer especially!
  • admin said:

    Summer is always slow, this summer especially!

    They must be at the beach!!


  • Don't mean to complain about me but I had an issue the last 4 days on my right leg pain. Come to find out it was due to Sciatica nerve problem. I felt like cutting my leg off is how painful it was. Went to our chiropractor in Laguna Beach today and the best chiropractor in the world in my opinion.
    He cracked everything in my body and now feel like I was born

    Will have new updates for my Deer Creek build today.

    Chris (Pappy)
  • I'm still building and buying!
    I just got the second of three SierraWest packages in the mail yesterday, which included the BlueSky Company O Scale kit (got in on that very limited run!).

    No lies, I think it's the best kit I've ever held. What a masterpiece!
  • Craig you going O-Scale or working both ends of the stick??

  • Jerry said:

    Craig you going O-Scale or working both ends of the stick??


    Both ends, for sure!

  • I'd say, the calm before the storm... :smiley:
  • It's always slow this time of year starts to pickup in the Fall when the weather starts getting bad at least were I live MICHIGAN snow is not that far off
  • Hey team, haven't posted in a while. This years been painful to say the least. Very little time to do any kit building beleive or not even with Covid. Hoping to get some Summer builds in. Hate to ask Brett but any progress on the Riverfront? Saw you on the Bar Mills broadcast the other day and it was great to hear and see you kind of in person! LOL! Take care guys. Good luck and good Hunting.
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    Spent the last year+ perfecting my 3D Printing techniques in order to achieve production level quantities and yields while maintaining the quality I expect from myself. This was instead of releasing a new kit but new kits are coming! That Bar Mills interview as a lot of fun, glad you enjoyed it.
  • Amazon and Burger King have ruined us. The satisfaction of right now is entirely over rated by the fact you are getting crap for product.
    Trying to perfect something of quality takes time. It will be worth it in the long haul.
    Now stepping down from soap box.
    Hey, dammit, we have not printed any soap boxes yet......
  • SW kits, details parts best on the planet and worth the wait and you will all be happy. More kits coming soon..hang in there :smiley:
  • agree with Robert's comment. "Calm before the Storm".
    A Tidal Wave is heading our way soon!!
  • Summers in Wisconsin are short and very intense. Travel is picking up for work again. Not as much as pre-Covid, but it's coming back. We've been doing lots with the grand daughter. Kinda pulls me away from the bench!
  • Haven’t been here in a long while and now after looking at Robert G’s Blue Sky I know why it is quiet. A lot of us are afraid to post their work! As Bobby Jones said about Jack Nicklaus’ golf skills “He plays a game with which I am not familiar.”
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    You’re much too humble, Mike....your work is of the highest quality as well.
  • You’re much too humble, Mike....your work is of the highest quality as well.

    yer dern tootin'

  • No Covid here and never has been
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    Mike, I've seen your balls up on your wall,
    you've done pretty good yourself in that game,

    I also seem to remember MANY modeling awards on that same wall...
    You have much to be proud of and nothing to be afraid of.
  • Mike what Mike?? Oh that Mike the master of many dioramas!!!
    Glad to see you back my friend!

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