Production and Shipping Delays - Mid Feb 2021

As many of you know (and I appreciate all of you who have checked-in) Dallas has been hit with historic low temperatures and over 6 inches of snow with more coming. We are at 1 degree now up from our low this morning of 0. Our homes and infrastructure is simply not made to deal with these kind of temperatures here in the south. I don't even have a fireplace. We have had rolling blackouts since Sunday (6 hours off, 1 our on) and we lost our municipal water supply yesterday morning. Wi-fi is spotty so I am doing my best to answer emails. I am not answering the phone to preserve my battery. To say the least it sucks, and I am so bored. No production is getting done this week so expect shipping delays. I will keep everyone updated and am hoping to return to my normal schedule Friday as warmer weather moves in.


  • Our prayers are with you man. Keep the family warm......Rick
  • Been following it on the news Brett. I feel for you guys it's no fun when you have no power.

  • The weather has been harsh everywhere...but not having the infrastructure to deal with it sucks. Hope things improve for you soon...try to stay warm. I know of the boredom....I've been trapped inside by both the snow /cold / and the Covid.....
  • I'm in dallas as well. In addition to what Brett mentions water is an issue as well. Almost none of the houses down here were built for this kind of cold. I'm in a new development and we don't have hot water at our house anymore. We'll need to go to a neighbors for hot water...

    Conversely our neighbor is having issues with their cold water....

    Also,our neighborhood just lost internet. So, that may be a signal that we're about to lose power as well?

    When i lived in New England the weather was the same as we're experiencing here in Dallas now. But, like others mention... lack of infrastructure makes it much harder on everyone.

    Down here a large majority of the houses get heat from natural gas.. Several of the gas providers have been asking people yo cut back on their usage because the main lines were losing too much pressure due to unexpectedly high demand.
  • Hope you all thaw out soon.
  • Man I know youre going crazy with no power and no internet and not able to work. Hopefully theyll get the power back on soon for you, thats the main thing.

    Grilling steaks in the snow again?? we did that a time or two before.

    I'd say "go model" but I realised you need the lights...
    You and the girls stay safe.
  • that sucks. i feel your pain.
  • I remember all to well the days when an ice storm would bring down power lines. Lots of people invested in back-up generators and Generac systems to circumvent power outages that could last up to a week. At home Depot we'd sell out of generators in the first half hour after the store opened after an ice storm. Don't miss that a bit. But like Kevin said we are feeling your pain.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. Snowing again, 17 degrees, but at least we had power for a few hours this afternoon and were able to heat the house up. City finally decided auxiliary pumps were in order so water is running!
  • Good news. I hear that making a blanket tent will create a warmer spot in the house should it get freezing inside again.
  • Good thinking Bryan, also folding the comforter in half and getting in it like a sleeping bag keeps the bed warmer, it stops the body heat going down through the mattress.
  • I just spoke with my buddy at the post office and he said no mail for sure today and almost certainly not tomorrow. They cannot process it without consistent power and we are still experiencing rolling blackouts, although it is improving.
  • Stay safe my friend! I went through this years ago in Alabama. It's no fun but it is survivable.
  • Sorry to hear that you're in the thick of it. Stay strong and stay safe.
  • Were use to cold weather in Michigan the other day we got almost 10 inches of show and night temps were 20 below 0 with wind chill. One of the first things I put in after my house was built was a Generac generator and glad I spent the money!!! .....Hope things get back to normal soon.
  • Brett don't worry about sending out kits. I think everyone understands and if they don't to bad!!
    You and the girls be safe that is what is important.

    Diane and I are thinking about you!! Oh and Zoey to!!
  • Things are returning to normal quickly! The rolling blackouts have ended thankfully so the house is finally warm again. Workroom still too cold to cast but am getting caught up on my laser cutting today and tomorrow. Looks like production will be back in full swing next week with highs back in then 60's and 70's by mid-week. Really excited about that. Need a grilled steak and a cigar! I appreciate all the well wishes very much.
  • Jerry said:

    Diane and I are thinking about you!! Oh and Zoey to!!

    Hugs to the girls!
  • Glad all is returning to normal again Brett and that you are safe and well.
  • thankfully the big thaw is at hand. not for another month or so here.
  • 63 degrees here and the ice/snow is all gone. Back to normal.
  • IMG_0242

    Last weeks production - all ready to be kitted up except no castings! So in the end I lost a week. Gonna be doing a lot of casting next week!
  • But then there was light!!

    I'm sure you have everything under control by now!!

  • Nice to see part of your production area...would like to more of it
  • UPS has sent me this message this morning:

    "Significant weather events across the globe are impacting the UPS network. Although your location may not be impacted by adverse weather, the movement of packages in the network may be impacted by weather conditions in other areas."

    What a joke. The post office and FedEx all have their act together. NOT UPS. Oh well. still trying to get things straight here. Need the supplies UPS has but as usual they use any natural disaster as an excuse. FedEx worked Sunday. Not UPS. They had a full week off and - ok, enough bitching...
  • Did you ever consider that UPS may be delivering the Covid Vaccine do to the delay last week. Just a thought.............Carl,,,,,,,,,,,
  • I spoke with my account rep at UPS this morning and she didn't mention the vaccine delivery as a reason for the delays. They're just not getting caught up the same way that USPS and FedEx are. That was what she said in so many words.

    In my 40+ years of shipping with UPS they're always the first one's to pull an excuse out of their butts for slow deliveries. Shame your're not their PR rep. The covid vaccine would have been a great excuse for them.
  • Seems like a lot of the shipping world is not up to snuff.....I refuse to use UPS....the USPS still have two of my packages that are touring the went from New York (had to somehow pass thru or over NJ ).....then Utah....the package must have liked Utah...because it stayed there 2 weeks......last known location was Ohio.....Why? one seems to know.....and FedEx lost a package that they now claim didn't ever exist.....
  • I ordered the 55kv greenkeeper static grass tool on Dec 8th. USPS/DHL lost it. I get the order cancelled and refunded after 9 weeks. Order another from a different company on Feb 10th. The original arrives yesterday, and now the second one arrives today. WTF for luck. Now I can fight with USPS again by refusing the first one and return to sender so I dont get charged again. Too expensive to have a backup of this bad boy.
  • edited February 2021
    another one that's doing well is amazon. they still get their stuff here in one or two days. we can bitch about amazon until we're blue in face "bezos doesn't need the money. screw bezos, etc etc, but ya know.....he did it right and it really worked well. i was one of those that thought amazon was too big and was putting mom and pop out of business, but this pandemic convinced me that amazon really has it together.
    yeah, he has too damned much money but....a great idea should make you rich once you get it operational.
    well i'm done. i'm not sure where that came from.....
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