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Ever since I joined the SWSM Forum it was apparent to me there was a vast reservoir of knowledge here. Many times I would remember a certain technique being talked about but couldn't remember which thread it was located in or who posted it.

Very soon I began an organized listing of topics as a reference tool for ease in locating a particular technique. I formed the references into a book format, alphabetically and with an index at the end of the 'book'.

After discussing the idea with Brett (the 'Boss'), I've decided to open a thread in which to share this reference material I've collected over the years.

Some topics are several pages while others are just a few sentences. Most topics include photos and text but a very few are one or the other. All topics reference the thread they can be found in and the screen name of the person posting.

I have probably missed many good tips but this is an ongoing project and hopefully I'll eventually include the ones I have missed previously.

The vast majority of entries are taken from the SWSM Forum, however, there are a few found on other forums but regardless, they involve a SWSM kit or posted by a SWSM builder.

I'll begin with the beginning of the alphabet and work my way thru to the end with a new posting every day or so. I've included the index so you have an idea what's coming down the 'track'.

So, here we go

Index 01
Index 02
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5


  • This is an amazing resource and I am very appreciate to you for taking this task on!

    I want to mention that all comments will be deleted by myself as this is a resource thread. Comments make it tough to navigate... so comment away but they will eventually be deleted.
  • Terry

    Thank you for taking on this HUGE project. Something all of us on this site will use immensely. I have attempted for years to keep up with many posts and techniques on my own, but have failed miserably to file all of them. Looking forward to all your posts

  • Thanks Terry, this is going to be great to use.
  • Thank you Terry for this huge effort.
  • Terry.

    Thanks for taking on this incredibly valuable modeling resource tool.

    Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • This is a fantastic effort and very much appreciated. I look forward to your future postings of this knowledge base.

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    Whoa!! This is outstanding, Terry. What an incredible resource (not to mention, a rather overwhelming amount of work).

    I have probably missed many good tips but this is an ongoing project and hopefully I'll eventually include the ones I have missed previously.

    Boy, I don’t know about that...seems pretty darn thorough to my eyes. I’m looking over your index with anticipation, thinking “Dang! How’d I miss the square wire fencing technique and the entry about through-rung ladders!?!”
    Then my next thought is: “Yo Terry! How much longer until you get to the “F” entries?” LOL

    Thank you in advance. Looking forward to it.
  • Terry, thank you for doing this. Wonderful idea. Phil
  • Terry what a fantastic project. Nice to formalize all this great techniques in one place. Thanks
  • Appreciate you and all your work on this Terry...well done.
  • Wow! and a huge thank you! I could never remember where any of these are and keep lousy notes. You are truly to be commended.....Rick
  • Thank you for this monumental task!
  • Thank you for all of your work. That was a job. I will be using that for sure.

    Mike S.
  • Hell of a undertaking! Thanks for doing it. Appreciated.

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    A/I (Alcohol/Ink) HighlightingPage 6
    Page 7

  • delete me.....[snicker snicker]
  • deleting is covered in the
  • Today's tip is the finishing of a steel anvil
    Page 8

    The next entry will be simulated asbestos pipe wrap

  • its too bad you can't click on a picture to enlarge it.
  • edited January 2021 recollection is that in this particular instance, Kevin had written the text about how he finished the anvil without having a closeup photo to go with the text. I thought the text was worth saving so I went looking thru the thread until I found what I thought were the best photos that included the this particular case they were overall views of the Blacksmith car. It is possible to zoom in on the anvil however, clarity of the photo is lost and there isn't much to be gained.

    I think there are other instances where the text is the important part and the photo is secondary. This has usually happened when someone has asked a question of the thread originator about some particular item in a scene. The Poster has responded to the question but not necessarily included an additional photo.

    The photos have all been re-sized (5” wide) in Photoshop to fit my page layouts. The pages are all 8 1/2 x 11 landscape format. If anyone wants the individual pages to print, send me a PM with your email and I'll send it off. I suggest NOT posting email addresses here for 'public consumption"
  • Kevin, I was able to right click on the image and save it to my desktop. Double clicking on the saved image opened it and I was able to enlarge it thus more able to read the text. This however blurs the image a bit but at least I can read the text.
  • Terry and I are working to improve this. A resource like this deserves to be the best it can be... stay tuned.
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    Page 499

  • Page 499a

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    Page 499d

    1000/100 png
  • whatever happened with this thread?
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    Kev….these were pages from a book I had compiled (ongoing work in progress) of tips and techniques from Brett’s forum however, the pages couldn’t be read easily online and after Brett and I worked for several days and failed to come up with a work around we “threw in the towel “. The book is available for download or viewing online at Google books for free and if you’re interested, pm me and I’ll text or email you the link. Brett prefers to not have links posted here hence the pm
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    Terry, please post the link!

    What I object to having posted are links that expire quickly (like an eBay item). Broken links lower your chance of being included In a google search btw... or members who attempt to promote themselves or another manufacturer. They can pay for their own advertising instead of trying to market to my customers for free.
  • I just downloaded this book. Really good stuff. Thanks
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