New Hobby Desk

Got a Little more done on my basement desk project...need to add LED lights and get a glass top made up... ordered some paint racks, add a power strip and other stuff to hold stripwood and other things. ill keep plugging away at it !!!!


  • Lookin’ good, Craig.....time to get it cluttered up with a build
  • Nice Craig...Great space for great work...
  • Still too neat! Great work space. Needs a project now.....Rick
  • Great looking work area
  • Beautiful builds must arise from such a beautiful work space.. :wink:
  • Thanks Guy's.....I kind of had to build something nice in my Basement man cave. Its were I spend most of my time with all my other collectables I have... everything is displayed were I can see it and enjoy it. Been in a modeling Slump so I'm hoping building a new hobby area and transferring everything from old to new will get me off my Butt and start building again and get me out of this armchair mode I'm in.
  • Just browse on this forum , look at al the beautiful builds, nice kits and you'll be motivated for sure !! :smiley: Come on Graig...
  • DSC00121
    Putting Roll-top Desk top to use!!! I was going to throw this in the burn pile... thought I would never use it....but found a use for it. If I have to do grinding/sanding or anything that will make a mess ill do it in here. Contain the mess and make it easy on myself. Not done with it yet I think ill make a set of leg's for the back to steady it better tomorrow.
  • Heck ya! And if you have the place to exhaust it, you could cut in a small fan in the back for fume/dust removal.
  • At first thought I saw a paint booth again with the exhaust fan. Lots of possibilities there. We modelers are resourceful for sure. Love to see what you end up with.....Rick
  • I see a rolling wet bar in the making.
  • Looks like the basement hobby desk will be going upstairs in a spare bedroom to replace my old hobby desk which I scrapped this week. I'll make the move after I revamp the room with new carpet and paint and some other things I want to do. Don't need 2 desk's Right??
  • Craig, i have 2 desks...

    One is what most people would refer to "the formal dinning table" Then, i have a good size glass top hobby desk upstairs....

    The formal dinning table desk doesn't have any hobby lights... but, it does have a chandelier for light.... this way i can work on walls and castings with the family...

    The deal my wife and i made was table-packing blanket-cardboard box- then a single piece of glass.
  • whatcha gonna build?
  • What am I going to build?? what's your Question.
  • are you gonna build a model?
  • Got to much on my plate at this moment so hobby time is on the back burner right now.
  • Great looking work space, so nice to have everything close at hand.
  • Karl, Thanks glad you like it.... hope I can put it to use soon when I get caught up around the house on some projects I want to finish.
  • went to Home Depot to pick up a couple things for the desk project been in the mood to work on it today....there's a Ace Hardware close to me but your paying Double in price!!!!! so I hate Ace were Home Depot I get 10-percent off for being a Military Veteran so I always shop were they take care of us Veteran's
  • Craig- where i lived when i separated there was an ace. I went there for hardware; nuts bolts ect..

    Then i was at Lowe's one day... same hardware was 1/3 the price of ace!

    However, i've since moved and there's an ace by me again... this one is very reasonable..

    But, yeah... the military discount is nice.
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    Everywhere should have a military discount, in my opinion. Thank you all.
  • Alex, I know 10 percent is not huge but at least there making a effort to do something for our Armed Forces..... Lowes gives 10 percent to but there not close to me...... Karl That would be nice
  • I hope all you guys effected by Uri are staying warm and safe!!!
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