Transfer Decals.

Hi Guys.
Anyone have a method on how to get old transfer decals to work?


  • Not coming off the backing? I've had to use a metal pick on some stubborn ones. Tip of tweezers has also worked where wooden toothpicks do not.
  • what are you up to mr. laskey?
  • Kevin.
    A old man doing a old kit with old transfer decals.
    About 6 ft with heels.
  • Get new ones!! Doesn't the manufacture still have sets of them or is the kit that old??

  • Very old.
  • Carl, I've had some success with spraying the old decals with dulcote to keep them together. Phil
  • engine909 said:

    Open containers until midnight in Cape May.

    To far 90 miles one way!!


  • You can still have open containers on the boards in AC....
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