Track Plan Complete

It took forever, but I finally have a good working track plan complete. The 3D picture is only for elevation reference. The terrain does not show where the trestle bridges, etc will be. I am not very adept at the model train software. The AutoCAD drawing was the starting place for fitting of all the SWSM models.
Later this week, I have my works CNC router cutting out all the roadbeds for construction. Look forward to actually getting something built!ETJRR3d


  • Now that’s some technology!
  • I like it
  • This is the way to do a track plan if you understand the technology. I don't. Phil
  • Awesome Emery, I am looking forward to seeing your layout come to life!
  • that is a real good track plan. it has a bit of everything.
  • I am jealous of all the space you have ;-)
  • I was fortunate enough to finally build a 30x50 shop this spring. Been saving for it for several years. The concept of sectioning off 12x20 was not in the original plan, but it worked out nicely. Now I must complete the "shop" portion before starting on the Train Room. I know better than starting that room before finishing the wood shop portion. I promised the wife I would build her a new set of kitchen cabinets. She will cloud up and rain on me if I don't fulfill that one.
  • Looks like it will be a lot of fun!
  • Nice design. Should be fun following along.

  • Well Ed, smart went out the window this weekend. I could not stand it anymore. Finished all of the electrical wiring and put up all the sheeting for the train room. Hope to have it painted this week so that bench work can commence.
  • Caution to the wind...I love it. What will you do for your background? Ideally you'll want that done early. It can be done easiest without benchwork. I did mine after benchwork but before anything else to help me visualize how the background should flow around the layout.
  • Funny you should mention that. A friend of mine owns a large format printing company. We are currently looking for a number of vector graphic panoramas that he can transition together to come up with about 4' x 30'. He has the details all worked out on printing material, mounting to aluminum bender board, etc.
    Hoping to get this done after the bench is in, but before anything is actually put on top of it. Same concept you mentioned seeing the background flow. I can get to the walls fairly easy even with the benches in.
  • Great project that I will follow on the first row.
  • heel toe is the way to go. jeez....i haven't heard that since the early eighties.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, appearing nightly, 909 and Kebmo! LOL
  • Train room done. Painted, wired, and 14 led can lights on 2 dimmers. May have overkilled the power outlets 2 duplexs every 4 ft, but i want power when needed. Break time to start moving work stations and tools next week. Sorry, but pics are crappy so I decided not spend time editing for posting. Next up.... dedicated climated contol for this room only.
  • Not what you would call a NASA clean room, but it has a weather sealed exterior door on the inside of shop to room. It is a room within a room so to speak. Insulated all sides inside an insulated shop.
  • Sigh.... adjustments needed already. This started as getting only the coolest sawmill ever, and has escalated into having almost every diorama incoming. (soon to be all) I am out of room for them all. Hope this won't wreck too much of the plywood sub-roadbed that was already CNC machined.
  • Thanks Ed. It will not be so bad. At least it is mostly CAD word and not ripping anything apart. A few pieces of the sub roadbed may need to be re-cut but nothing terrible.
  • can't wait to see it start taking shape.
  • Updated. Not bad at all. Track in yellow was altered/added. I also added what will be the river/waterfall on the upper right (blue). The white spline lines indicate the mountain edges. I only added some of them for reference. I got every single SWSM currently available to fit on here with room to spare. I think this should work now. Sorry for poor pic quality, as it is a screenshot.
  • I like that a lot. You have a several year project ahead of you.
  • edited September 2020
    Benchwork complete a few weeks back. Just got around to getting the pic uploaded.
    I got my first model in the mail, and have been working on it feverishly!! I may post large updates to the whole layout, but not small ones. Probably start new threads for the model projects progress.Benchwork
  • Benchwork looks great. I fondly remember those days over 18 years ago!
  • That's a good solid foundation. Glad you didn't rush that. It's lots of enjoyment from here. Rick
  • Very nice.
  • Awesome to see you break ground on the new layout!
  • This looks fantastic. Nice craftsmanship. Before you get much farther along it might be a great time to get a basis sky backdrop painted on the walls. Maybe some nice sky blue for a base coat with a few banking clouds. Exciting to be at this stage of a new layout.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • In the works. My buddy the print guy is real busy with election signs. Hoping he can get this printed soon. This print will be mounted to some kind of aluminum bending board that he recommended. The "left" 10 ft of this is on one wall, turn the corner and the remaining 20 ft goes there.Backdrop
  • This is gonna be quite the project.
    The backdrop is just beautiful.
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