Looking For - SierraWest Train Layout Pictures

Hey Gang, Im looking for folks who have Sierrawest Models on their train layout. If thats you, could you please post a picture or two or heck..the more the this thread?



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    This should be fun. I'll get it started.

    The yard scene at one end of my layout. Blue sky, railroad camp, tool shed, rigging shed, tractor repair, lineside shed, and if you look close, blacksmith car.CE7968E3-04C3-46B8-A461-001095021BC2

  • At the other end of the layout is the sawmill, workshed from Bluesky, and a scrathbuilt machine shop with machinery and a Dolbeer. Somewhere in there is the woodcutter shack not quite fitted into the layout.
  • In between is a spar tree and rigging line using castings and the yet to be produced steam donkey collection (; Also seen is the O scale version of the mine.2F5AED24-4BC5-406E-9F12-6DA8882800CE
  • Just incredible, can't say what a thrill it is to see my kits in this kind of setting!
  • Thanks for showing us this beautiful layout. Me too am planning to build a layout around all
    The SW kits, so this is a great inspiration.
  • Road trip!
  • I wanna come see this! That layout is Amazing!

  • Beautiful work. Hope to see it someday.

  • Wow....just outstanding work.… the backdrops too
  • Wow! Nice work! Love the many mini scenes created around each structure.
  • As I mentioned earlier, I'm getting back to the structures and scenery that was started years ago. Duluth is in a new temporary position now so I thought I'd add it for you.
  • It took me a while to resize this, but here goes!
  • Looks good! Thanks for sharing!
  • bryan, is that ho or on30?
  • HO Woodcutter's Shack on my now defunct layout - only a memory now. Phil

    IMG_3301 - Small
    IMG_3302 - Small
  • Allen.
    Do you want finished layouts?
  • What a nice scene! I love the work. It looks like a great place to have a cold beer or maybe even a whiskey.
  • Moonshine?
  • I like you too my friend and enjoy corresponding with you. Here is tonight's project, a scratch-built bunkhouse
    Bunkhouse 1 resized
    Bunkhouse Resized
  • 'specially when he's comin' up with a new kit......
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