Glory Days

holy crap, i just found this you tube video of my old band doing a lynyrd skynyrd song. that's me doing the yelling...... ;)


  • from the brat stop in kenosha, wisconsin, new years eve 1992.
  • Wow almost as good as Ed. .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha
  • never
  • Do you miss those days?

  • ed, it was a silk shirt too.
    rick-very much.
    ed-thanks for the plug. they are really good. in fact, i had their durty nellie's video on last night while i was prepping lumber for another gable wall. this one. a halloween gig (explains the goofy costumes).
  • the lead guitar player and i are still good friends. the poor guy had both knees replaced at the same time, and while recovering/rehabbing he ballooned up to about 450 pounds and can barely get around these days. he's still the best player i know though.
    and now he needs two new knees (again).
  • Are you going to try out for the Voice next season Kevin?
  • no. i'm gonna try to stay above the grass, and that's about it.
  • Fun times and a funky beat.
  • bryan,
    which generation are you talking about....heheheh
  • cuz he weighs 450 lbs and wore them out apparently. before he had em replaced he was bowlegged as hell, knees straightened him out and he gained height.
    now he's morbidly obese and struggles.
  • edited May 2020
    he has to sit with his legs spread because his gut hangs down below the seat. i can guarantee he wasn't using a stationary bike. i'm betting he did the bare minium physical therapy. all the same, he's a great guy and an excellent guitar player/repairman/builder. he built this for me:
    holy smokes, that picture was taken before the first basement flood. my old benchwork is still up.
  • Love the music !!
  • goin up the country is one of my all time favorite songs and the opening flute notes take me directly to woodstock. i love that song, and i've only had one opportunity to play it live, and that was just a few months ago when we were talking about reviving the band, and the bass player's wife brought her flute. the idea was ixnayed......
  • yeah, the guy i was in the band with. we played together for seven years. the life expectancy of a 'garage band' is 18 months, so we had a real good run.
  • there was a time.....
  • this is the last one, i promise, back story: phil, the keyboard player posted these videos on you tube, unbeknownst to the rest of us, a few years ago. the videos are from the 90's (the mullets should have given that away). anyway, like me, phil has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. his "version" is very different than mine. phil struggles with memory and concentration, and can no longer remember how to play the keyboard. in this video, he gives gregg allman a lesson.
  • Great stuff. Like the twin guitar solo and the key solo. I am a sucker for synth and keys. Hail the Mellotron....
  • Kevin playing guitar in short pants and tie.... :smiley: Remember MC5 ? Kick out the jams...
  • jeans were the typical uniform of the day. big gigs got special treatment however, never shorts.
  • i'll second.
    all in favor?
  • Damn the Torpedoes was my freshman college album

    I'm ok with official band status
  • tell us ed, why was he nominated?
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