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July 21
It shows. Sorry Eric, I could not control myself. "

Dear Ed, you old rocker, I think you have crossed a line here. First I think Eric is a great modeler. If he chooses not to read the manuals, that's his choice. But as far as I can see at what he's accomplished so far with the SW kits, it doesn't show AT ALL !!! His O'Neil is one hell of a build. With lots of personal touches. Like Brett wants his 'clients' to be.. Creative.

And at least, he's showing his work. I don't think we've ever seen any of yours... (sorry, I couldn't control myself... :) )

And let's keep my thread friendly please.... :)


  • 999, I think the Florida heat has gotten to you. OF COURSE I READ THE MANUALS! By now you must understand at least a modicum of my sense of humor. But, I'm really interested, why don't you explain to me just how it shows! And please be specific. Can't wait to read your response.
  • Case closed ... Thanks Ed
  • All is fine Ed. Now, we really like to see some of your work. If it is as good as your pen, we are in for a treat ! :smiley:
  • Me to..... I would like to see some of your work
  • i've seen some of his work. he's really good at building structures. i've been trying to get him to post pics for some time now. he's a stubborn ol'l coot.
  • Come on Ed, we all want to see your work, share it with the rest of us, not just Kevin!
  • I have seen it also and real nice work on everything.
  • So what is the big deal Ed?
  • Ed, I did see it as a joke or I would not have referred to you as 999, which is the sign of Satan upside-down.
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    Eric, I had the opportunity to see Ed's work, and I must say WOW!!!

    Alright, he's a BIG talker, but some spot on , funny , and almost philosophical comments also are generated by his pen. You, being a writer yourself, will certainly have noticed ( and perhaps enjoyed ) that.

    But you are right, the forum waits for Ed to reveal his craft and finally show his work, but hey, that's his choice. We're just all damn curious.

    On the other hand, expectations build up , so when he does post something, it better be worth it.. :smiley: :wink: :blush:
  • which swsm kit are you going to build next?
  • how about the railroad camp? it's a cool kit.
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    oh yeah... then how about the logging and tractor repair. that's gonna be my next swsm kit to build. we could do a joint build thread, kinda like we were gonna do with the railroad camp.
  • will do. what was your first choice?
  • lets do a joint build of the logging and tractor repair, once i finish up the hotel.
  • sorry about that.
  • Remember gentlemen, this is not a race!
  • You're welcome Ed. I look forward to seeing Kevin and you both working towards something wonderful.
  • Ed, perhaps you and I can have a discussion on 2 stall engine houses sometime? I stared building one over 3 years ago and it's in the closet now. The bucket list keeps getting larger.
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