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  • No photo today, but i finished the fence last night, which marks the last of the wooden structures built on the templates. I'm on page 74 of the manual. Now it's time to start painting castings and building the scene. I did run short of fence boards for some reason, probably my fault, but there was enough scrap and pieces close enough to what I needed that I didn't even need to raid my Kappler's scale lumber stash. Next time around I'll keep better track of which lumber goes in which bag. There is quite a bit of lumber left, more than enough to do what's left, which is the rafters for the welding shop roof and a couple of two tread stairs.
  • Hello All! I haven't been at the bench in a while, though I've still been lurking here now & then to see what you all are up to. Over the summer my life got a great deal more interesting than I would prefer, and I haven't had the time or the energy to do much modeling. Things are stabilizing though and over the Christmas break I intend to get back to work. It's time to start the diorama base and paint all those lovely detail castings.
  • We are all curious to see the progress... :wink:
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    So, here we are after a long absence. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year! Previously I mentioned my life getting more interesting than I'd prefer. This August I was diagnosed with cancer. It's in my left kidney. The good news is it's curable. I'm doing chemo and immuno therapies together, which started out totally kicking my ass. It seems, however, that the human body can get used to many things, and I'm currently dealing with it well. The plan is somewhere between 6-18 months of drugs to shrink the thing to where surgery can be done in the least intrusive manner. I'm also told by many of my friends that I'm "a tough SOB". Anyway, things are going well and there is an exit plan for this, though the process won't be much fun. I did have several months of literally no energy for anything including modeling. Happily that's over, so back to the bench we go! I blew the dust off of everything, and started in. I'm using a piece of 1" blue foam for my diorama base. I pained that a dark brown. I was going to cheat and use a piece of flex track, but upon cutting a piece to length and fitting it, I just couldn't do it. It looks clunky and fake and would have ruined all that hard work. I want to the LHS and picked up a piece of Code 83. Better, but still not what the scene needs. I ended up stripping enough rail off of it to place over Campbell low profile ties. More work but worth it. The slight irregularities of hand laid ties will look better, more like an old siding that's low on the priority list when it's time for maintenance. At the moment I'm waiting for the glue to dry, then I'll do some ballasting and lay the rail. After that, I'll start scenery. It's good to be back at it!

    Track laying
  • Glad things are looking up for you. Yes, hand laid looks so much better than flex track. Well worth the effort. Looking forward to your progress....Rick
  • Well, you tough SOB, :smiley: , there 's a silver lining up there for you. Glad to see you here and I will follow your build very closely...
  • Good to have you back, Alan…stay strong, buddy
  • Best of luck as you progress through treatment and recovery.

  • glad you are back
  • NIce to see you back modelling. A good sign for sure.
  • Glad you are back....Good Luck with the treatments...
  • Happy to hear you are doing better and back to modeling. Thanks for your update and Happy Modeling! It will help you focus on more positive things.
  • Alan, hang in there. You will be fine. Keep modeling Bud!
  • Great seeing you back Alan and you got this!
  • There is quite a bit of lumber left, more than enough to do what's left, which is the rafters for the welding shop roof and a couple of two tread stairs.

    it seems like there always is plenty of lumber left over whewn you finish a kit. my scrap wood bin has many bag #1s.....
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    Wonderful progress, looks great!
    On the Ultimation Sander front, great tool and many members own one including myself. I did a review on this tool. Cannot recommended it enough!

    i ordered the repeater this morning.
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