Scotia Supply Need Help to Make sure I have all the parts

I bought a Scotia Supply off ebay. I need to make sure I received all the parts. I think I am missing doors and windows. I built this kit many years ago and it had plastic windows and doors. This one may have ones to assemble in the bags.

See photos

What I received.
Brick Casting
Box of Detail Parts
Main Roof Template
Side Building Template
Template A
Template B
Template C
Diorama Base
Bag 1
Bag 2
Bag 3
Bag with Walls
Instruction Book

Would you please check your kit and see if I am missing anything.


  • Jerry

    Checked my kit. I think there is different packaging. I have a bag #4 and bag#5, but it looks like you have the same contents in your bag#3. Do you have the big resin base casting? I can only assume that is packaged up in the paper?

    Besides that, no, don't see anything missing

  • I have the resin base casting. I know Brett released this kit three times, I think. So there may be differences. I bought the kit when it first came out. This kit is different than my first version. Thanks for the response.
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