Vallejo and Reaper Paints

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got my small selection in today but haven't had a chance to play with them yet. not too sure i will have time this week either... bummer...


  • I'll be ordering my own small collection based on Kevin's list at the end of this week. I'm looking forward to learning how to use these paints.
    The WoodCutters detail set seems like a good place to start on this, more on that in the O Scale build thread.

  • Have been using Vallejo paints for some time. Use them mostly for figure painting and brushwork. I like the results and the color selection. Will try to post some photos in near future. Enjoy. Doug.
  • Would love to see your results!!
  • Ordered my paints from Kevin's list. Got them about a week ago. Just waiting for Kevin to do the stand jup cabinet so I can try them out.

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    Here is Kevin's list of the basics - it's what I ordered:

    Kevin uses Vallejo "Model colors" and "Panzer Aces".
    Model colors:
    #962 flat blue
    #70970 deep green
    #70909 vermillion (just to have a red)
    #70851 bright orange
    #70820 off white
    #70950 black
    #70955 flat flesh
    #70865 oily steel
    Panzer Aces colors
    #310 old wood
    #311 new wood
    #302 dark rust
    #301 light rust
    Reaper Miniatures Master series (suggested by Dallas M)
    #09206 tarnished steel
    #09196 aged pewter
    #09205 blackened steel
    #09197 old bronze

    I ordered mine last week from the Warstore
    got the shipment a few days later....
  • Hello Men
    Jerry the standup cabinet is primed with earth and now I'm trying to decide what color to use on it. I want it to look different from the bench but same techniques.
  • And ladies...............
  • I have been using vallejo paints for awhile. I like the way they brush no streaking and no odor. I mix 2 drops of delta creamcoat acrylic thinner with a vallejo bottle filled with distilled water and use this for thinning the paint for brushing. Lately I've been using some of the reaper paints. I prepare them in the same manner as the vallejo. I prefer both of these paints over polly scale and the craft store acyrlics.
  • Kevin
    Question?? I painted the cabinet with the Earth Spray. The question is I have let it sit for about four days because I had other things to do. Will this make a difference in the next step putting the chalk powder on???

  • Absolutely not Jerry, it will be fine.
  • Im still awaiting my paints. They do have some way to travel though.:)

    Would an ordinary automotive primer work on the castings Kevin?
  • Wes, I don't know about any 'ordinary' automotive primer, but I have used Krylon automotive primer from a spray can on some of the O-scale castings with good results. I use the 'gray' color, but other colors are available.

    The pic below shows the large tank which came in the Tool Shed kit. It was primed with the Krylon, then had about 4 different coats of Vallejo paints, with a finish of A-I and some chalk. As you can see, the detail on the tank is still visible despite the multiple coats of paint.
  • Is there a trick to getting the attachment to show under IE8? "View Image" works fine under FF4 but under IE8 "Show Picture" is greyed out and I can't get the tank to display in full size. I'm wondering if there's a setting in IE8 I have to change. And yes, I've tried both left- and right-clicking (both FF4 and IE8 use right-click for these options).
  • Mike,
    Kris never inserted the image into his post for disply, it was just uploaded to the server which is why you may be having problems. Here is the image.

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    Thanks Karl for loading this. Not sure what step in the picture loading process I missed, so I'll review the procedure and make sure to follow the process. When I just got a thumbnail I thought that the post had to be reviewed prior to being released to the forum.
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    No problem Kris.

    Next to the thumbnail, (when you are originally creating the post) there is a button to "insert the file" you have uploaded into the post.

    This takes it from simply being an attachment to displaying the image in the post.

    As a side note, although the forum will allow you to upload large images such as your 1mb file.
    It would still be advisable (and appreciated) to keep the file size around 100k. For the benefit of any dial up users and also for bandwidth, storage and transfer rates.

    Image size (dimensions) is not a problem as long as the file size (kb's) remains reasonable.

  • just got my package of Vallejo paints. Wow , can't belive the coverage for such a small amount and the colors are excellent. Also bought the railroad wethering colors on special. Have started some castings painting for my HO woodcutters shed and I'm liking the way they are coming up.
  • stupid keyboard keeps making spelling mistakes.
  • Hey davej,
    going to order some Vallejo paints myself and give them a try. You said you bought the railroad weathering colors. I was on Vallejo website and did not see any railroad weathering colors under Wallejo paint sets.
    Would you mind giving a list of the colors you are talking about!

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    If there is a better way to insert a link, forgive me; for now I can only see cut and paste... Glues and Finishing Supplies&Categories=Paints&Vendor_ID=Vallejo&Series=Vallejo Train Color Paint&action=listing
  • Copy and paste works fine Mike, thanks for posting the info/link.

  • Hi Mike
    I got the set of colors from the war store
    it's on special for US$14-99 plus shipping. The colors aren't shown there but they are 73001 basic rust, 73002 grease and oil, 73003 steel, 73004 basic brown, 73005 dirt, 73006 chalk white, 73007 basic red, 73008 liquid mask, 73009 matt varnish. They all seem to be washes rather than paints apart from the steel. the colors may be available seperately direct from Vallejo.
  • I just noticed that a portion of the link I posted actually functions as a link, though not all of it. Is there any way to force such long entries to be inserted as a single, clickable link?

    Tried to attach a jpg file with color samples of the set but got the following:

    Fatal error: Class 'PermissionException' not found in /home4/sierraw1/public_html/vanforum/plugins/FileUpload/class.fileupload.plugin.php on line 320

    The full set appears to include a simple palette and a pair of brushes.

  • Just got my set of washes and railroad colors from The War Store, I can't wait to use them. The War Store team was very friendly and helpful, I will use them again for sure. Just a question, do you dilute the washes or use them as is? Thanks.

  • Just wondering how the Vallejo paints worked out as Floquil paints are hard to get and expensive in Australia and the Vallejo paint seem to in plentiful supply. I am also wondering if the colors match more or less by color name E.G. Floqiul Grimy Black to Vallejo #70950 black.
  • I am a big fan of the Vallejo paints. Rarely open up the Floquil any more. The colors are rich, the paint is smooth and I love the dropper bottles. Got mine from The War Store as mentioned above.
  • Question: Are the Floqiul paints listed at the back of the Construction Manual acrylic or enamel paints?? It would appear to me when comparing color charts between Floquil and Vallejo that they are listed as Floquil Railroad Enamels.
  • Its a nuisance trying to match colours...I don't have a local hobby store within two hours and trying to import paint via the Post Office and the onerous dangerous goods laws is more trouble than it is worth. Maybe a colour card would be a better idea so we could colour match with what ever is freely available? Its just a thought. Greg.
  • A quick search turned up this color chart from the mfg of floquil/polly:

    use it as a guide to sub colors from vallejo or anybody else.

    John - the colors in the back of the manual are solvent/enamel (floquil) AND water/acrylic (polly) - the manual specifies where I used each however water based Vallejo will work fine in almost every instance. In older kits I make a water-based solution to stain the stripwood and I would stick with Polly if you are working on one of those. For everyday painting of castings Vallejo (and other brands) work great.
  • Thanks, Brett.
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