New member-No longer invisible

Hello to all.
I have been one of those invisible visitors in past the past decade + but I finally decided it was time to join the forums.
I am a retiree, and now that I finally have enough time to focus on the hobby I also discovered a rather common malady. I had collected far more kits and engines then I could properly use. That forced me make some tough decisions on what I could actually fit into a coherent theme.
Time and space required me to focus on a shelf layout. Family history and our research in genealolgy determined that it would be 1918 in my hobby world. My favorite brass led me to narrow gauge (HOn3).
Those three decisions made it a lot easier to sell much of what I previously felt I needed. My layout will be more like a diorama with sound and motion than an operational oriented RR.

The quality of my initial SW purchases led me to keep coming back. I think I still have some of the early newsletters (on green paper, folded and stapled for mailing). I also have a shoebox full of the castings that Brett allowed us to buy just so we could drive him crazy.
This website has evolved into a real powerhouse of talent and information. In fact I think that the cumulative videos and postings in this site are like obtaining a masters degree in the artistry of this hobby.

I was fortunate enough to read my email early last weekend so I was able to buy the first run of the JE Morton foundry. Now I'm watching for the daily mail truck and impatiently wait for Ken to post the official build. It's a pleasure to just be here.
I know that one of the things that make the site so fascinating are the pictures, and then even more detailed closeup photos. Unfortunately after so many moves to different assignments don't have the ability to contribute yet, but I hope to.

Thank you.


  • Welcome Bill!
  • Welcome to the forum Bill, glad that we can now 'see' you.

    Indeed the forum is a gathering of some of the best in the hobby, it is great to have them here with us.

    The more contributers there are the more content for us all to enjoy,
    we look forward to your participation.

  • Thank you, Karl. I also enjoy research, historic advertising, and kit-bashing, when historic precedence seems to dictate. (i.e. the use of clerestory roofs on some early industrial buildings, prior to the arrival of efficient lighting). I often purchased add-on tarpaper, scale lumber and inserted them in the kit boxes but lost track.... I wonder how much I gave away just because I didn't check the box before shipping it?
  • Bill,
    if you cant remember it was there, and you put it in there for that specific kit, then,
    it's done and gone. You wont miss it....... time to move on and concentrate on those
    kits you didn't sell... the good ones.
  • engine909,
    I completely agree... now, about that power house. Sounds like a been there, done that topic.
  • Great to see you getting active here on the forum Bill. Sounds like your retirement priorities are on the right track!...Look forward to you being here.
  • KKarns,
    Thank you for the welcome. The diverse areas of interest shown by all the members is why the discussions are lively.
  • Welcome aboard Bill. Looking forward to your first build.

  • brownbr
    Thank you. I have a few kits for the "Shortline" but I am excited about the arrival of JE Morton. A forge is a great kit addition and I have plenty of additional castings to consider to make it unique.
  • Welcome Bill. I look forward to your input and look forward to your first build.
  • Thank you. Like so many of us I'm looking forward to the posting of the "official JE Morton Foundry build" .... In the meanwhile the decaling projects are underway, as is a DCC modification. Glad to see the snow is melting, even it's a month later this year!!!
  • Great to have you here Bill ! Continue to enjoy the posting as we will enjoy yours.

  • Thank you. One of the great strengths of this group is the things I can lean from the comments in each topic. It's a very open and knowledgeable group of dedicated hobbyists.
  • Welcome to you Bill. One thing is true for sure, these are some very dedicated modelers. And with top notch kits only seen with SW, it makes it even more motivating.

    As we all can learn from each other, we're looking forward to see your builds.
  • Thank you Robert....I agree completely
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