Night Shots

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Bill S. (Microlumina) had asked for some night photos of my diorama for his upcoming clinic at the Expo next month so I popped in some Blue LED Lights in my Desk Lights to give them a cool night effect. Ok, I promise these will be the last photos I post of my diorama as I'm sure we are all tired of seeing them...cause I know I am...









  • Looks great in daylight or blue light.
  • Never get tired of great modeling...
    Great shots.

  • The first one and the last one are my favorites. There's a couple guys clearly putting in some overtime. Love the contrast presented in these pics!
  • Thanks for the nice comments Mitch, Karl and Bill...
  • Sweet! How many LEDs does that represent?
  • Excellent! Agree with Karl, never tired of seeing this...
  • Thanks Brett and Ken. To answer your question Ken, I used 14 LEDs..

    2 for the Blacksmith Hearth...Orange
    2 for the Welding is blue and one is white.
    7 interior lights for the 2 buildings
    2 for the Headlights on the Nash truck
    1 for the Taillight on the Nash truck...Red

  • Since Alan sent me higher res pictures than the ones here I can use them as wallpaper on my computer. So no, I guess I don't get tired of looking at them either.

    Bill S.
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