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Hey Gang,

There are a few figures I want to get for my next diorama and they are listed as being 50mm figures. Does anyone know what scale those figures equate to...1/35, 1/43, 1/48?

According to this website, they show as them around 1/35 scale...but other forums Ive read shows them at 1/48.

Thanks for your help,


  • The figures I have in 1/43,5 are usual around 40 mm tall. Give or take a few mm and look well in proportion with my O scale buildings and Om trains.
  • I think 50mm is going to be more like 1:35. Try one and see how it looks.
  • Alan,

    I generally use the information presented in an old RMC magazine when it comes to thinking about the relative size of scale figures, etc.

    G Scale =1:25
    O Scale =1:48
    S Scale =1:64
    HO Scale = 1:87
    N Scale = 1:160
    Z Scale = 1:220

    So based on that information I would say 1/50 scale is a bit smaller than !/48th scale, but somewhat larger than S Scale. The difference in height and general build might be accounted for by the fact that we humans are of varying heights and builds.

    If you do purchase some of these 1/50 figures please report back the source and how they look with our O Scale 1/48th figures.

    Hope this helps.
    Later, Dave S Tucson, AZ

  • Hey Dave,

    I think as Robert posted earlier, a 40mm figure is around 1/ if these figures are 10mm taller, I gotta believe the scale on those figures I’m looking at are gonna be in the 1/30-1/35 range. Still trying to decide if I want to order one as it comes from Europe and with shipping, it’s running over $25 for one figure.
  • On the other hand, 1/43,5 scale figures don't go with the 1/48 scale buildings like the SW ones. They won't go under the doors. I have tried it with the Dueling Shacks. To big !
  • Dave Revelia uses 1:43 scale models in his 1:48 scale diorama's. Just remember what he said do use the 1:43 figures right next to the 1:48 figures and you will be fine.
    Brian Nolan also used the 1:43 scale figures.

  • For those that care, a 50mm figure is definitely 1/48 scale. I just got my figures in the mail and a 50mm adult figure measures 1.5". Using 1/48 which is 4 feet to and inch, the figure measures 6' tall.

    That is all...
  • Alan,

    Can you share a company or even better a website for the company that makes the 50mm figures?

    Thanks, Dave S Tucson, AZ
  • Dave, These are good to very good. (35 and 43)
    Also I am sure there is more good ones.
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