Dueling Shacks

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I have been a diehard HO Scale modeler for over 40 years. I have amassed a large collection of HO Scale kits and detail parts. But I have finally gone to the dark side! After seeing O'Neills in O Scale at the recent Narrow Gauge Convention, and seeing the amount of detail that can be incorporated into it, I decided to purchase the O Scale Dueling Shacks.

Brett touts on the website about honing skills and learning new techniques possible in O Scale so I jumped in and purchased the kit. Brett promptly sent it. Anyway I decided to build this kit and share my results with the group. This is not a follow along build, but a progress report after completing various components.

I have deviated a little from the instructions however. Instead for staining the wood with chalks as described in the manual, I use A/I. I like the look I can achieve with it and it is for me a simple method to get the silvery-grey look of aged wood I see living in the Midwest.

Also I didn't like the look of the laser board window and door trim as described in the instructions. I did follow the staining technique described in the manual for these components, and the color did work out nicely. I just didn't like the texture. It was too smooth for the aged look I was going for. So I removed it and added my own weathered strip wood trim. Also on the single door, the rails and stiles are also too smooth compared to the panels, or the panels should also be a smooth texture as well and it might have looked better in my mind, but I left them.

The right double door is slightly open. It is an added interest in other SW builds I have completed and I find it adds to the model.

In following other builds, I was particularly intrigued by adding knots to the wood. I don't believe this would be practical in HO Scale as the knots would be too large, but I like the added texture and look of the wood in O Scale, and it was a fun component to add to this build.

Thus far I have completed the walls for the wood shack. I have not added details such as signs etc. but they are ready for those parts.
SW Shed Front Resize

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  • Off and running, great start. Thanks for posting Tom!
  • Nice start, Tom. I’ve recently received the kit as well and hope to start in the coming weeks.

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    Welcome aboard, Tom...I think you'll find this group to be friendly and welcoming...Like you, I've always been an HO scaler. I have several of brett’s HO kits on order and when they arrive I’ll begin ordering from his O selection. I model for the joy of modeling rather than to populate a layout so I see no 'allerigic reaction' to jumping between can call your posting what you want, Update or Build, but regardless I'll be following along...I like what I see so far
  • Welcome aboard. Off to a good start.
  • Terry
    I don't have a layout, I also build for the joy of it. That is one reason I purchased the Dueling Shacks, to branch out and try something new. I have so much HO Scale stuff that I am reluctant to start in a new scale, but I really see an advantage to the larger scale. I just need to hone my skills to accommodate the larger size. I am pleased with the results so far.
  • Very well done Tom and versatlity of Brett's kits is the name of the game!...
  • Tom, it's looking very good. Just remember, with O scale, everything stands out, so be careful!!! Phil
  • Great looking start Tom, those walls have a lot of character indeed, nice subtle variations.
    Keep it coming.

  • Great start. Looking forward to following along.
  • Looking good. Nice start. I started with this kit aswel.
  • Robert,
    we should compare notes along the way.
  • Hi guys, I'm back after visiting my son in Denver. Have spent a few enjoyable work sessions finishing details after finishing the wood shack. Here are some pics of the finished shack and details. Next will be on to the corrugated shack. I took the pics at my work bench with my phone so they aren't as good as I would have liked them to be.
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    Following the instruction manual finishing the details has been for me a very enjoyable experience. I like working on the details and the instructions and tutorials on the website are excellent.
  • 20181113_140913 Resize
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    I think that adding a door to the open cabinet adds a little extra interest and detail. I do that regularly to this type of casting. I also like adding extra signs to the walls of the building. I try not to over do it but give a little extra interest to the wall. I hope you all agree that it isn't over done on this shack. I put them in the upper portion of the walls as the lower portion would have clutter around it.
  • Great work. The weathering is spot on and the casting are finished beautifully. Looking forward to seeing it all come together.
  • The coloring of the siding is great as are the castings.
  • Wonderful build here Tom. Your interest in the details certainly shows as you did a terrific job on them. I agree with your thoughts on adding a bit of realism to some castings such as adding an open door as you did here. Brett's kits have evolved to less large group catings to more individual details that can be grouped and built up so realistically. I'm with Joel, can't wait to see it al come together!
  • Tom, great work man, if you want, look at the photo's of my build here on the forum to have an idea.

  • Thanks for the comments guys. I have really enjoyed weathering these castings. For me it's been a lot of fun detailing and weathering the castings. I can see an advantage to modeling in larger scales. Since weathering these I have weathered some HO castings with satisfactory results using some of the methods learned here. It's just a little easier in the larger scales.

    Thanks for the link to your build it really turned out great! I like the boarded up window and use of individual boards on the roof with tissue for tarpaper.
  • Finished the corrugated shack. I have never liked working with corrugated aluminum. The paint always chips away leaving shiny spots. It was a joy working with it this time after following Brett's instructions to bake the primer. It worked GREAT!

    I deviated from weathering the metal from the instructions. I have used this method for many years and like the results. It is basically lightly brushing on acrylic burnt sienna, then a lighter coat of raw sienna, then very dry brushing burnt umber.

    Now on to the fun part, assembling the structure and building the diorama! :-)
    20181130_120613 Resize
    20181130_120641 Resize
    20181130_120654 Resize
    20181130_120712 Resize
  • That is some fantastic looking surface rust !!
    The panels are aging and the rust is breaking through, but still a very sound structure, very nicely done (and not overdone)
    I also like that attention was paid to underneath the overhang on the sides and this 'protected' area is not as rusted as the rest. Subtle, yet, very effective.
    Great stuff.

  • Well done Tom. Thank you for taking to time to share.
  • Well done Tom, love that first pic with the door open, perfect contrast to the wonderfully rusted exterior and the interior.
  • Wonderful Tom, can't wait to see it all together!
  • Thanks for the comments guys.

    Karl, I like to try to add subtle details like you mention less rusted in the protected overhang and more rusted toward the bottom of the structure. The same goes for weathered painted walls.

    Next on to my favorite part adding details to the diorama.

    By the way I had a Happy Thanksgiving, my Brass Foundry arrived just before the Holiday. Thanks Brett!
  • Great news Tom.
    Looking forward to the next update.

  • Great work on everything...
  • Here's my final pics of the shacks. This was a lot of fun to build. I can see the attraction of O Scale. Can do a lot of detailing which is what I like to do. I did add some extra details to these kits that I had, but I'm happy with the results. Hope you all enjoy.
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    20181206_122207 Resize
    20181206_122306 Resize
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    20181206_122216 Resize
  • They both look fantastic Tom. Such a great job on both of them.
    The weathering on the structures and the finish on the details is superb.
    Everything just blends and looks so natural.
    I love these two scenes, such a great addition to any layout or display shelf.

    Great work.
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