New member from Southwest Missouri

I've been a lurker her for many years. I love the information disseminated by members, and the willingness to help and share. I have many SW kits as well as FSM and others. My interest is building dioramas. I don't have a layout and track and trains are just part of the scenery for me. I cut my teeth on Campbell kits and learned about FSM and SW kits, which I have amassed an extensive collection of both. Brett signed me up at the recent Narrow Gauge Convention and I had a great discussion with both he and Karl about the kits and details. When I build my dioramas I love weathering them and I usually end up adding many more detail parts to add life and interest to the build. I also enjoy scratch building structures and coming up with interesting dioramas. I have learned a lot following the builds and look forward to participating in the forum.


  • Tom! Awesome to see you here and participating on the forum. Was great to spend time with you at the convention. Welcome...
  • Tom, I also was invisible for years but was convinced that this was the best forum out there. Everyone offers suggests that are helpful, and they take the time to answer questions. The photos are great and I catch myself saving builds as word documents just so I can make margin notes to myself about interesting techniques or potential solutions to mistakes that I'm prone to make. I look forward to seeing some of your scratch-builds! Welcome aboard.
  • Welcome, Tom. The more, the merrier
  • Great to see you jumping in Tom, it was also great to see you at the show and have several conversations with you in person.
    We look forward to your future posts and of course seeing some of your SierraWest dioramas and your other SW builds as you work through them.

  • Welcome aboard. Looking forward to watching your builds.
  • Happy to have you joining our merry band of happy modelers.....
  • Welcome to active posting on the forum Tom.
  • BillR, Great idea to save the builds and make notes. I have always learned something from following the builds and then forget what I wanted to remember. I guess it comes with age (69).
    KKarns, I LOVE following your builds you always have great techniques and I learn something new from each of our builds. Now if I could only remember them, Oh yes! I need to remember Bill's idea!
    Looking forward to participating.
  • This is my latest SW build. I like weathering and adding details. I usually add way more details than are included, but I like the clutter and interest it adds.
  • Nice work, Tom
  • Many thanks to Bill for his great tutorial about resizing photos.
    It's great fun and very rewarding when a diorama comes together and while it's never finished you can say I like how it looks!
  • Great looking build Tom, where have you been hiding?!! This is some very fine work and love your attention to detail.
  • Great stuff Tom, such a pleasure to see your work.

  • I like it. Thanks for posting.
  • Very nice modeling, especially the rust detail. All my kids live in Northwest Arkansas, which should be pretty close to where you live. I go there often.
  • It's great to see this kit built up. Great stuff. Looking forward to following along with your next build.
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