My Grandson reading the revised manual by Ken Karns on the Foundry build with one of Brett's cat's

Have a good one Carl.


  • Can’t get the young-uns started too soon
  • With a kitty riding shotgun.
  • Now that is precious. Black and white photography at its best. Well done Mr. Laskey.
  • I added a to grunge up your Foundry in 10 easy steps! Good looking young man....a young Robert Redford. Hey if he makes that kind of money he can take care of you Carl in your old age!
  • Old Age Ouch.
  • That was a low blow. I am surprised Ken went there. He always seemed like a fine young man. I will offer no more rave reviews until he apologizes. That young whipper-snapper.
  • I was making the assumption that the young man in the picture is destine to do great things and with that comes financial prosperity and by that time Carl, you will have obtained the status of "old man", gracefully I mind you, and in proper need of further geriatric maintenance...Any better Ed?
  • You had it correct the first time. We are both basically old farts, I am just a bit hipper. Carl is my buddy so I came to his defense, like a Marine needs it. I don't think so.
    I will say this, I have tremendous respect for Carl Laskey as a person. I don't care if I embarrass him, he is good, good man.
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