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Robert....I agree with your statement "Come on people, share your builds"....however, I wonder if an intimidation level kicks in when we 'novices' see the high quality builds that are displayed here.....I for one have shared my Railroad Camp build in the hope that I would get comments on what not only was good but also what the others on the Forum might have done differently if they were building the RRC.....I value all comments as I think it makes me a better modeler when I 'listen' to a different perspective....
I haven't posted progress on my RRC for awhile as I've been working on another of my books but plan to be back very soon.
Terry .

As I feel this will be a topic that deserves a proper place on the forum, I will continue here.

The word intimidation even never passed my thoughts. Of course there are several levels of modeling, but as far as I am concerned , I haven't read an intimidating answer on this forum. I think all of us modelers are going for the same thing. Have fun with these extraordinary kits.

We all can learn from everybody else, no matter the modeling level. There are always things others do better, different . I picked up ways of doing things from absolute beginners.

I also think that modelers shouldn't be afraid to post their builds. How can you improve if no one sees what the hell you are doing. How can you get answers to modeling questions if the others can't see what is all about. Does this make sense?

If I look at , for instance, what Karl.A did with the O scale scratch build locomotive repair shop... With the wrong attitude, I would throw al my kits through the window. But instead, I studied his work and learned a LOT from them. And even better, if I want to know something about them, this build, his techniques, I can just ask him.

I know that this forum is visited a lot. Sometimes topics have x K visits, so... there is someone out there..

So , I can only plead , show your builds. And PLEASE don't feel intimidated . What a word to use here....This forum isn't just for the 'Happy Few' .

Hear ya.


  • i agree with terry 100%. i came to sierra west kits after 10 yrs of building whatever n scale kits i could get my hands on, and none of them ever approached the level of detail that these kits do. when brett convinced me to make the jump to On30 he also encouraged me to post a build thread of the first O scale kit I bought; the dueling shacks. i did and i learned quite a bit from a) brett's construction manual, and b) the guys here on the forum. then i bought the woodcutters shack and the same thing happened. i finished that one and moved on (up) to o'neill's. the criticism is always constructive, and if i run into a problem, i raise the question here and get the answers. case in point: after epoxying the buildings to the diorama base, and gluing down the track, i found (by accident) that the track was a hair too close to the buildings. i was looking for a simple fix to hide a small gap between the tower wall and foundation. i took the easy way and hid the gap with a couple pallets. that hid the gap but i found that a railcar wouldn't clear the pallets. brett came up with the solution of moving the track further away from the building. boy howdy, i sure didn't want to do that, but i wasn't able to come up with a better solution, so this morning i removed the track and re-glued it 3/8" further from the building. the glue is setting as i type, and the pallets are once again masking the gap.
    i guess my rambling is trying to make this point: don't be afraid or intimidated to post your work or to ask questions about how to do things. everyone, and i mean EVERYONE on this forum is a great guy and nobody will steer you wrong, or laugh at you. go for it!!
  • Very well said Robert and Kevin. 99 percent are great guys, but as you know almost nothing is 100%. Well except for the great kits from S W. This is without question the best forum with the best members. Also the most talented. I have not included myself in that last group. Everyone have a great Labor Day weekend. Ken you keep on laboring.
  • Thats pretty much exactly what I was going to say Robert (but hadn't gotten around to it yet due to show prep).

    I agree with all you say. We all learn from each other whatever level we may be at.
    Hopefully more members will share their progress with us.

  • Well, I am one of those guys that sit back and enjoy everything that I read and see in the forum from all you talented people.I have posted a picture of a SW kit I built awhile back . Due to the fact we sold our house almost 2 years ago everything is in storage as we travel in ou nomadic life .I have the O scale O Neil's waiting for me in our locker hopfully to start on it next year .
    I have to agree that this is the best forum that I have been on . Over the years I have gathered so much from so many talented people that I feel like a better modeler.Yep, I still feel intimitated to show my work but we learn from constructive criticism . Regardless there are always ones out there that can't be nice but as it has been said is only few who do that .
    I look forward to sharing my nxt build with .
    Keep up doing this inspirational forum .

    Richard C
  • Right on Richard C. Often just a thanks for sharing is most appreciated. I admire those who model very well, than take the time to photograph, add text, and respond to all questions and comments. As Queen (Freddie Mercury) said You Are The Champions of the Word. Great voice from that dude.
  • Currently i have a lot of NON SW Kit projects on the workbench, so i'm not sure if posting here is ok.... I must say that i refer to many of the projects on this forum for detailing ideas...for that i thank you all
  • It's great to read that you are still stopping in Mario and keeping up with the work of the modelers here. Your comments and your thanks are appreciated.

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