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Hello to all,

Today I received my Foundry kit in the mail so I thought it would be a good time to finally quit lurking and join the forum. I plan to start building the Foundry in the near future and am sure that the build thread will be a huge help.

I've been modeling for 20 years or so and have completed many South River and FSM kits, but so far my only completed SW build is Duluth Co. which I did a few years ago and enjoyed immensely (I have 3 others on the shelf: Railroad Camp, Quincy Salvage, and O'Neill's). I've found the SW kits to be the best around and Brett's customer service can't be beat. My plan is to tackle the Foundry and O'Neill's as my next two major builds. I have already learned a lot from the great modelers in this forum and will continue to study and learn going forward--some of the work shown here is just amazing.

I don't have a railroad and am not really interested in modeling railroads except as a prop for structures. My interest is in creating free-standing dioramas. Mills and other industrial buildings are my favorite. The place is upstate New York and the time is September 1934. Think Troy NY--but I call it Empire Falls. Everything I build is geared to that time and place--I'm not as anal about it as it sounds but I do think it's useful to have a unifying theme. It's not terribly original, but there are a lot of great kits out there that fit nicely into that theme.

So thanks in advance for helping me improve my skills as I tackle the Foundry and O'Neill's!



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    Welcome to the forum Scott, it's great to have you join in with us and we look forward to your future posts.
    I think your comments will hit home with a lot of our members, building the kits can be the primary source of pleasure….
    yeah.. maybe.. one day we'll join them all together in a setting, but a lot of us just like the 'build'.
    On the other hand, several members (such as Bryan and Steve) do both, and do it exceptionally well.

    We look forward to following your builds of these two fantastic kits.

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    Welcome aboard, Scott....
  • Great seeing you getting active here on the forum Scott and your choice of SWSM kits to work up couldn’t have been better...look forward to it and welcome...Ken
  • Welcome Scott! Great to have you here on our forum and I appreciate the very kind words.
  • Welcome aboard.
  • Hey Scott...welcome aboard!
  • Hi Scott, welcome among us builders of great SW kits
  • Glad to see you here, Scott. I think most of us worked on kits that were the standard bearers of an era, with the two you mentioned as prime examples. Yet we all ended up here because the model building/ scenery/ diorama aspect of the hobby was the most satisfying for us. The RR siding and loading dock are often just part of the supporting cast. I guess the detail level in Brett's kits started an evolution..... Welcome!
  • Thanks for the warm welcome to the forum. I've been having a great time getting caught up on Ken's amazing Foundry build thread, studying the booklet for the kit, and assembling my tools and paints.
  • Great to hear Scott! I have been quite busy on The Foundry and will be posting an update today or tomorrow as I work through the Repair Shop and Tempering Shed...Ken
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