Workspace-Stress Reliever Space

I see hints and bits and pieces of work spaces in the photos of models under construction and I become curious as to the spaces the rest of you build your kits 'bout showing off your areas (including Brett...curious to see where 'our' beloved SWSM kits begin their life space is included below....what seems like a lifetime ago I was in the commercial Glass and Glazing business and my work top is a 36x96 1/2" tempered glass door...the crates and wood trays are from Michaels, the plastic divided trays are from Walmart and the strip wood storage is home-made...SWSM Railroad Camp is sitting above the 3-ring binders and the box car is a quicky weathering project for a change of pace

Terry (Orlando)



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    If BillO shows a picture of his work space I'm tapping's amazing. Terry yours looks great as well, love your srtipwood organizer.
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    The crates work well for me as I split my time between Florida and Virginia and when the wife says she can get away it’s ‘grab and go’....I also have a carrier for whatever model I’m working on at the time
  • Awesome work space. I agree the strip wood holder is a great idea.
  • Great looking space and work area Terry..... It must be a joy to work/model there.
    And to be able to easily pick up your current project and needed supplies to go on the road is an added bonus.

    Having a comfortable and inviting workspace is such a great motivation, to just sit down and get some modeling done,

    As Ken says, Bills space is fantastic, hopefully he'll post a pic or two,
    I haven't seen Kens, Alans, Robert.G's, yet ,.. and many other work spaces, but judging by the results y'all obviously love to be there.

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    As Karl.A seems to be so curious about our workspaces ( who wouldn't be....) here are some impressions of my 'crime scene'...

    This is the painting and weathering area,

    Here I do the kit building. Brass and wood ones. As you can see, my layout runs above and around my workbench.. With a little luck, I can spot a deer in the forest I see through my window. The vehicle you see above the tools is a model of my big Landrover Defender 110.. ( since we are curious...)



    view on my 'room of pleasure' . It almost looks like I am actually IN one of Brett's kits.. I think one can understand that I spend quiet a few hours inhere..

    I build these three cabinets of drawers to store all my building stuff. Stripwood, brass profiles, rods, tiny screws, nuts, bolts, the lot...


    And my tools for the gentle art of soldering..

    Hope this satisfies the unsatisfied.. :smiley:


  • Impressive!! As expected. World Cup in a few hours.
    Where is your turntable Robert?
  • VERY nice Robert
  • Wow, Those are some professional-looking work places! My folding table is blushing. It's covered by the cordless drill, jig saw and socket wrenches so often that my wife keeps the door closed so no one will see my work area or trip on the wiring. I guess I'm at the stage where it contributes to her stress as it relieves mine.
  • yikes! that's quite a set up you have! a weathering space AND a construction space?
    i have a little closet area......
  • It's the result that counts. And yours is just great !. I just happened to have the space, that's all..
  • But Kevin kicks ass on the guitar, that should count for something. Robert is correct the end result is all that counts. Kevin, your end results are wonderful, all while playing a Led Zeppelin cover. Now that is talent.
    Steve Howe to get special PROG honor. But very few bands or individuals in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Wonderful work space Robert, nicely carved out!
  • Robert a very impressive work area.

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